Xiaomi 8H Lazy Sofa Officially Releases at 639 yuan, $100


Today Xiaomi has listed a new product, MI 8H Lazy Sofa for crowdfunding at 639 yuan, $100. This sofa is developed by Xiaomi eco enterprise, Qu Shui Technology, it has 65cmx65cmx43cm dimensions, 6.7kg weight, produced by MUJI manufacturer, which can ensure the craftsmanship of producing and product quality.

It has introduced USA EPS food grade foam particles, safe, no taste, even if a baby eats it by mistake, it can degrade naturally. It has 0.5-0.9mm particle diameter, which can change according to your sitting and lying posture. It is filled up to 6kg, claiming the highest standard of this industry.

The top and bottom uses kam spandex fabric,when you sit down  instantly, you can feel very smooth and comfortable with low resistance. There are 21 units 100% pure cotton canvas fabric, which is wear-resisting and durable.

It is built in technology-based TPU elastic fabrics, which can instantly elongated 6-8 times, with the disappearance of the tension, and quickly return to original state. Right now this Xiaomi Lazy Soft 8H is for crowdfunding. And it will be shipped from March 17.


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