Xiaomi 90 minutes Ultra Smart Shoes Releases at 299 yuan, $49


Today Xiaomi has released a Xiaomi 90 minutes Ultra Smart Shoes at 299 yuan, $49 for crowdfunding. This Xiaomi smart shoes is developed by Run Mi Tech. Co. ltd from Shanghai. It is built in Intel Curie chipset as small as a button, which can detect different data accurately when do sports.

For example, it can check  route, distance, speed, calorie, which can detect exercise state like running, walking, riding, or climbing, providing sports fitness plan for users. The chipset can charge once to support 60 days battery life.

Xiaomi 90 minutes Ultra Smart Shoes is designed for beginning runners, using sandwich vamp, cushioning foaming material, arch support balance sheet, prevent slippery wear-resisting, and other design. It is equipped with heelpiece air cushion, antibacterial removable insole, scattering heelpiece landing impact, and then turning into the springback energy.

Xiaomi 90 minutes Ultra Smart Shoes for male has black and blue two colors available, for female, it has black and pink color, the blue special version adds luminous material, providing cool shadow for running at night.


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