Xiaomi 90fen Water Resistant Wash Bag offered for a discounted price of just $9.79


The Xiaomi 90fen Folding Portable Water-resistant Storage Bag is Made of 100 percent polyester, this folding storage bag is durable, water-resistant and portable. It is perfect for traveling and can easily hold your clothes, books, and so on. The double smooth metal zipper closure is convenient to use. What’s more, you can fold it up while not use.

Lets quickly talk about the design. it is made from high-quality polyester so you really don’t have to bother about wear and tear. The bag can contain a whole lot of things such as clothes, books, a gadget with its accessory and so on.  The bag is water resistant, so you don’t have to be scared if its close to water or maybe you are inside the rain. The bag can be used at home to store clothes or can also be used for traveling. It comes with a whole lot of compartment, which ensures you have spaces and region to demarcate your things.

The Xiaomi 90fen Water Resistant Wash Bag is currently available on DD4.COM for a discounted price of just $9.79. This is a great offer, make a very good use of it.


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