Xiaomi 90FUN Capture 1 Review – Vlogging Gimbal Camera at $349.99 From TOMTOP


Small and with all the features of the most powerful gimbal on the market, the new Xiaomi 90FUN Capture 1 Vlogging Gimbal Camera will help you show your world in a brighter way. A 4K camera with an image stabilizer that has an ultra-wide viewing angle of 116º. The use of its 5x zoom will allow you to zoom in on the details of the objects or faces of your record. Plus, with the use of its artificial intelligence, you’ll be able to track people, pets, and objects you want to focus on. It doesn’t matter if you’re filming yourself skateboarding or dancing, it will follow your movements seamlessly.


All this in a 4K camera that weighs just 136 grams and is pocket-sized. It will give you up to 150 minutes of use on a single charge. And it’s available in three different colors: Black, Lightgreen, and Darksalmon, choose the one that suits you. The new Xiaomi 90FUN Capture 1, a camera that integrates into its body a 3-axis gimbal that will allow you to rotate up to 360º with maximum stability. So, if you tell it the object or person you want to follow, it will do so in a stable way. So that you can see that it is recording, it has a 1.4-inch AMOLED touch screen.

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Here you can choose between different video and photo modes, such as timelapse, with which you can record moments of your world; motion lapse, to create films of all your moments; 8X slow motion, much slower than real life so that you can admire every detail; 30-second exposure… You can save your images on your SD card space of up to 256 GB. No more downloading images to your PC to edit them. With the new 90Fun APP and the Xiaomi 90FUN Capture 1 adapter, you can edit photos and videos from your phone instantly. With over 100 effects and 50 templates plus the use of its AI during recording, you can create snapshots and share the moments that move you. Combine your videos with music and transitions and get results worthy of sharing on social media.


Xiaomi 90FUN Capture 1 Vlogging Camera is undoubtedly one of the best vlogging cameras that’s also pocket-friendly. It has most of the features that you’ll find in a high-end vlogging camera. We can buy it from TOMTOP at $349.99 (Inclusive of VAT) with Free Shipping.


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