Xiaomi A1 Smartphone with Android One OS First Leaked


On Friday, there is a Xiaomi A1 new phone appearing on Xiaomi International official website, the model is MDG2, when we guess it may be Xiaomi MI5X international version or new series.

Today Krispitech has got an inner material, Xiaomi A1 is an Android One smartphone built for Google based on Xiaomi MI5X, preinstalled original Android OS. Android One is a cheap phone for Google, which aims at new market for Asia, Africa, previous models only sell about $100, which has expanded its market share, improving android influence, although the specs are not high, it can be the first batch to enjoy Google latest OS.

For example, it has improved from Android 5.X to Android 6.0 OS directly, and then it has used Android6.0.1 exclusively for a long time, even other flagships can do that.

Back to Xiaomi A1, it has used original ROM, which will enjoy Google unlimited space image storage, Google Photos, Google assistant, Google play store, etc first.

As for its hardware, Xiaomi A1 will still use dual SIM card, dual camera, FHD screen, it will have no big change for Xiaomi MI5X, the Xiaomi MI5X Chinese version will be powered by Snapdragon 625 Octa core processor, RAM 4GB, built in 3080mAh battery.

Do you remember Xiaomi and Google has cooperated to release Xiaomi MI TV BOX US version? So it will be the second cooperation for Xiaomi and Google,  the Xiaomi MI5X new version will be released in USA, India, etc.


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