Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro H Review: The Effect of Purifying Formaldehyde is Obvious


Xiaomi Technology has also launched a new generation of Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro H. I have just used this purifier for a while, and it used to be What are the differences and upgrades of the Mijia Air Purifier Pro? So, let me simply share the evaluation experience of this new product.


In terms of appearance, the Mi Home Air Purifier Pro H basically continues the design style of the Mijia Air Purifier. The overall white minimalist style is still relatively easy to match with different home styles. If compared with the previous Pro in terms of volume, The volume has become even larger. The size of the Purifier Pro is 260mm*260mm*735mm. After the upgrade, the Pro Air Purifier Pro H has grown to 310mm*310mm*738mm, and the weight has grown from 7.8kg to 9.6kg. From these data, it can be seen that its purification ability should be stronger than Pro.

The front of the purifier is still designed with a circular OLED display, which can display the value of PM2.5, air temperature, air humidity, and the working model of the purifier in real-time, but it increases the touch operation compared with the Pro version. Click on the left side of the screen to set the screen brightness, and tap the right side of the screen to turn the machine on and off and adjust the working position of the purifier.

The purifier has a dense air inlet in the lower half of the left, right and front directions, which allows the surrounding air to enter the purifier with a larger airflow for filtration. The top of the purifier is the position of the air outlet of the purifier. It can be clearly seen that the Mi home air purifier Pro H has redesigned the air outlet to further optimize the air path combination system. The former Pro can be directly seen through the fence.

To the internal fan, and the Mi home air purifier Pro H is redesigned into a tower air path, and then relying on a large-sized centrifugal fan to bring in more airflow, so the air purification cycle of the whole house can be realized more quickly. Therefore, if you use the data to speak, the previous Pro’s particle CARD value is 500m3 / h, after the upgrade, the Mi home air purifier Pro H reached 600m3 / h, the applicable area has also increased from 60 square meters to 72 square meters.

Although the back of the phone is generally not visible, it is still a relatively simple design, simple to basically see the power supply interface. A variety of air detection sensors are designed at the top of the back of the purifier, including high-precision laser sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, and so on. Below the sensor is the position where the filter element is removed. There is a push switch on the filter cover that can be opened after pressing. After opening the cover, you can see the built-in blue filter.

There is a small handle on the top of the filter element, which can be pulled out with a little strength. There is a replacement cycle at the top of the filter element, which can be used for up to 14 months, and if it is a Pro version, it takes 6 months to replace the filter element. It can be seen from this that the filter element of the Mi Home Air Purifier Pro H will be more durable.

This time, the filter element should be regarded as a relatively obvious upgrade. The Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro H uses H13 high-efficiency HEPA filter material, which not only has a longer life span but also can remove formaldehyde, toluene, and other harmful substances besides filtering 0.3μm particles. Gas can also be removed. Although the former Mijia Air Purifier Pro can remove some formaldehyde, there is no data identification for the purification ability of formaldehyde toluene.

Nowadays, the Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro H clearly marked that the CADR for removing formaldehyde reached 220m3/h (measured value 250m3/h), and the toluene removal CADR reached 150m3/h. The formaldehyde removal rate can reach 98.56% in 1 hour, and the toluene removal rate can reach 96.88% in 1 hour. In simple terms, the Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro H is not only suitable for purifying PM2.5 particles in the air, but also can be directly used to purify the home. Harmful gases such as formaldehyde toluene, which will be more practical for newly renovated houses or those who have newly purchased furniture.

In general, the Mi Home Air Purifier Pro H has been basically upgraded from the fuselage volume, purification system, purification filter, and purification efficiency. The actual purification effect will not be known until the actual experience.

Actual use:

After plugging in the power, the OLED display of the purifier first displays the remaining life of the filter element. The filter element can be viewed without the mobile phone app. For those who do not want to pick up the mobile phone, the design is relatively user-friendly.

Click the icon on the right side of the display to change the purification mode, including automatic mode, sleep mode, first gear mode, second gear mode, third gear mode, and favorite model. In the gear mode, it is also better than the air purification mode. Pro is more comprehensive. It is also worth mentioning that the display also incorporates a fiber-optic sensor that allows the screen to automatically adjust the brightness as the ambient light changes, so there is no need to worry about light pollution during the night.

Of course, after booting up, you still need to link the Mi home air purifier Pro H and Mijia APP, so that you can achieve more functions, such as remote control or small love smart speaker control. The following picture shows the main control interface of the Mi Home Air Purifier Pro H. It can also view PM2.5 values, indoor temperature and humidity, filter life and so on in real-time, and it also supports various functions such as as gear adjustment. Time switch, purifier sound and lighting, and child locks.

In addition to the basic remote operation, some settings related to other Xiaomi smart devices can be performed on the mobile phone side, such as automatically turning on the sleep mode after going home to open the door, or when the outdoor PM2.5 concentration is higher than 80 μg/m3. At that time, the Mi home air purifier Pro H can be automatically turned on.

Purification effect:

The significance of the air purifier is to purify the indoor air, so in order to demonstrate the purification ability of the Mi home air purifier Pro H, I also did some tests. First of all, I tested the PM2 of the air outlet of the Mi home air purifier Pro H. 5 value, through my home air detector can be seen, the PM2.5 value of the windblown from the Mi home air purifier Pro H is only 3, from the detection of the air outlet air can be seen, Mi home air purifier Pro H The purification ability is still ok.

Then, in order to check the purification effect of the whole house, I closed the doors and windows in the 25 square meter living room and ignited two cigarettes. After burning, the house not only had some smog but also a bit horrible when I opened it. At the time of the purifier, the OLED display of the Mi Home Air Purifier Pro H has already shown 600 bursts.

Then I turned on the third-stage purification mode. After 9 minutes and more than 40 seconds of high-speed purification, the Mi Home Air Purifier Pro H showed that the PM2.5 value has dropped to 156. In order to test more accurately, I also use the air detector. A simultaneous test was performed with the PM2.5 value of the detector being slightly higher than the value on the purifier, with a PM2.5 value of 186. Then, when the purification time reached 30 minutes, the PM2.5 value of the Mi Home Air Purifier Pro H dropped to 64, and the PM2.5 value of the air detector dropped to 86.

When the time reached 40 minutes, the PM2.5 value of the Mi Home Air Purifier Pro H dropped to 11, and the PM2.5 value of the air detector dropped to 18. At this time, it is no longer necessary to turn on the high-speed purification mode. From the air purification test, the purification effect is still quite obvious, and after the purification, the smell of the smoky people has become unknowingly disappeared.

As mentioned earlier, the Mi Home Air Purifier Pro H is a purifier that can remove formaldehyde toluene. The CADR for removing formaldehyde reaches 220m3/h (measured value is 250m3/h), and the toluene removal CADR reaches 150m3/h. The removal rate of formaldehyde in 1 hour can reach 98.56%, and the removal rate of toluene in 1 hour can reach 96.88%. What is the actual effect? ​​So I opened the drawer in my home and tested it. Why did I test the drawer? Because most of the drawers are sealed, and every time I open the drawer, I smell a pungent smell, so I can test the formaldehyde in the test drawer.

I used the 720 environmental treasure. I placed it in the drawer and found that the formaldehyde has reached 0.12 mg/m3. It has reached a harmful state. Then I turned the purifier to the third gear. After 1 hour of purification, It was found that the formaldehyde content has been reduced to 0.05 mg/m3, which has reached the ideal state. It seems that the effect of purifying formaldehyde is still very obvious.

Noise test:

The working noise of the purifier should also be a problem that many people care about. Because I don’t have professional tools, I use the mobile phone software directly for testing. After testing, the sound in the first gear is 47 decibels. This test is the result of bringing the phone directly to the purifier. If it is separated from the purifier by a distance, the sound is basically negligible, so even if you turn on gear during sleep, it will not affect. Sleep. At the second gear, it is 52 decibels. The third gear is 58 decibels. Under the maximum gear, it can be seen that the noise is still well controlled.

Verdict & Buy

Through a few days of use, it can be clearly felt that the Xiaomi Mi Air purifier Pro H improves the efficiency of air purification while maintaining the traditional shape design. In addition to removing PM2.5 particles, it also has harmful gases such as formaldehyde toluene. With obvious purification ability, this requires no additional formaldehyde scavengers or deodorants for newly renovated people or newly added furniture. It can be achieved through a product of Mi Home Air Purifier Pro H. For the purpose of the species, the practicality becomes stronger.

Of course, I have to talk about the shortcomings according to the convention. I personally think that the Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro H has increased its portability and weight while increasing its portability, while the Mi Home Air Purifier Pro H There is no handle or groove that is easy to move, so it is more difficult to use the purifier. If you can design a convenient groove on both sides of the fuselage, what do you say? Well, the evaluation of the Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro H is here, you can also chat casually, are you also using the air purifier of Xiaomi Mijia?Right not Geekbuying is holding big deal to sell it at only  $469.99 to use the coupon code: 3UDPGLAL


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