Xiaomi AMAZFIT Sports T-Shirt Officially Releases at 99 yuan, $16 for Crowdfunding


As previous preview, today Xiaomi has officially released new crowdfunding product, Amazfit Sports T-shirt, which support fast drying perspiration, light and comfortable, and fitting your body. The crowdfunding price is at 99 yuan, $16.

According to official introduction, the main material of AMAZFIT sports T-shirt adopts new single-guide wet technology, 100 layer inner repellent yarn,  the outside adopts CD polyester yarn with high water absorption. The sweat can combine into water drops to spread the out layer and  evaporate soon to achieve perspiration soon by insider and outside dense special structure.

In addition, Amazfit T-shirt underarm joint material adopts fabric jacquard weaving structure, which can perspire over 3 times than common texture, over 40% lighter.

The T-shirt uses comfortable and flexible material, 3D stereo cutting, which is fit for your body, and you can stretch comfortably. It is wortwhile that it has added anti-light material in front, back design, improving safety index under dim light.

AMAZFIT sports T-shirt is available for M to XXL for males,and S to L size for females. It’s time to have a try.


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