Xiaomi and Dooot Launch A Badminton Racket Priced At $37


Today, Xiaomi has launched a full carbon badminton racket which features a shock-absorbing frame and professional cable, priced at 249 yuan (about $37). The racket is delivered by Dooot (Beijing) Sports Technology Co., Ltd. It will available in several types of thickness in their strings and up to 4 colors to choose.

From the frame to the beater, the carbon fiber material imported from Japan is used to accurately control the weight standard of the racket. At the same time, the strength of the frame, the torsion and the elasticity of the stick are up to the top level. When hitting the ball, it will make a crisp and pleasing sound.

The shock absorbing frame adopts internal heat foaming technology to reduce the shock of the racket after hitting the ball, and the physical filling in the frame brings a solid sense of hitting. The internationally certified Threadingman uses the “two-wire four-tie” threading method to provide professional threading services for the racket.

This racquet is made of high-quality materials and reinforced by carbon fiber. Getting a weight of only 82 grams and it is oriented to a professional use, because its weight enters the standard of 75 to 90 grams that usually weigh the professional rackets, being 100 to 115 grams the standard weight of the rackets for a new player. It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi Dooot Badminton Racket also provides D.Protection service, 365 days accident protection, free new shoot.

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