Xiaomi Android Big Version Upgrade Mediatek Phone Match is slower than Qualcomm?


This morning, Xiaomi Li Ming said through social media that there is user feedback that Xiaomi MTK platform adaptation needs to speed up, and when upgrading the large version of Android, MTK (Mediatek) mobile phone is always put behind, qualcomm first.

Li Ming explains the process of upgrading Android. Li Ming said Google will give Qualcomm and MTK codes in advance before the official release, so that the platform is prepared in advance. Soon after Google’s official launch, the platform will be available to phone manufacturers, who will adapt the latest versions of Android based on the latest android packs.

Li pointed out that Qualcomm has multiple teams working in parallel and will deliver all series of base packages at one time. MTK is delivered in batches, so some MTK platform phones are placed in the second or third batch of upgrades.

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Li Ming mentioned that for mobile phone manufacturers, batch upgrade is also an inevitable choice, for two reasons: there is not enough manpower to develop at the same time, and multiple platforms can avoid the same problem to reduce the impact of the problem.


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