Xiaomi Aqara Intelligent IP Camera for €25.28 & Xiaomi Mi Home Wiha Refinement Screwdriver Set For €14.38 at @Lightinthebox (Coupon Inside)


The Xiaomi Aqara Smart IP Camera with gateway function not only can view home dynamic remotely but also can be connected to Mijia body/ door/window sensor, wall switch, and other ZigBee equipment. Can realize the family security and many automatic scenes. The Aqara can make the signal of the smart home system has a wider coverage and is more stable and The Xiaomi Mi Home Wiha Refinement Screwdriver Set contains 24 high-precision heads, which is divided into 4 layers.

Xiaomi Aqara Smart IP Camera

The Xiaomi Aqara Smart Camera that allows controlling the sensors and other devices, that allows to turn on or to turn off our devices even from outside of a house. Like the other gateways, it uses the low-power ZigBee connection to communicate with devices.At the physical level, the camera has a magnet in its base to place on a metal surface without having to make holes. Its dimensions are 9 x 7 x 7.7CM ( length x width x height ). You can also control presence sensors, windows or doors If a window is opened and detected by a sensor, the Mi Home application will automatically notify you and the security camera will start recording a 12-second video that is saved in the cloud to see if it passes something in your house. This can also be useful for parents, because if the presence sensor detects that the child has arrived home before you can receive notification on the mobile, and even speak directly through the device. It has a 180º vision thanks to its fisheye lens, as well as also records video in 1080p thanks to its sensor of 2 MP. It can be stored locally on the SD card (minimum 8 GB) while storing the small clips in the 12-second cloud are stored for 3 months. With the direct view offered by the camera, you can see if we have left any light or air conditioning on, and turn it off comfortably from the application itself. You can also program hours of recording so that the camera does not record while we sleep if we have it in the bedroom. In addition, security is a vital aspect of security cameras, which are often the weak point of a network and can lead to many privacy problems. we can buy Xiaomi Aqara Smart IP Camera at $29 / €25.28 with Use this Coupon Code: MIAQARA

Xiaomi Mijia Wiha Refined Screwdriver Set

The Xiaomi Mi Home Wiha Refinement Screwdriver Set comes with high-precision aluminum alloy storage box, oval thin shape.Aluminium knife is durable and comfortable grip, the three-sided design is better to help users to operate.Plastic inner box built-in 4 strong magnets. The screwdriver set contains 24 high-precision heads, which is divided into 4 layers.High-quality and professional wiha tool has always been the best choice. wiha refined screwdriver set comes imported s-2 impact-resistant tool steel head, compared to chrome vanadium steel is tougher and wear resistance.The box and handle are made of aluminum, the bits of steel. Of course, the design is also a typical feature of Xiaomi. At first glance, the box looks like one of Xiaomi’s Powerbanks; the grey exterior is brushed aluminum and shows the Mijia and Wiha logos in white. Inside each bit is individually marked, which makes the whole thing nice and clear. The box is 168 x 67 x 17 mm in size, which makes it quite comfortable to store and transport. we can buy Xiaomi Mijia Wiha Refined Screwdriver Set at €14.38 with Use this Coupon Code: XIAOMIWIHA1 or XIAOMIWIHA3


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