Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro Review: Sound Quality, Strongest 48dB Intelligent ANR


As smartphones cancel the 3.5mm headphone jack, more and more mobile phone manufacturers have begun to enter the wireless Bluetooth headset market. Nearly a year after the release of Xiaomi’s true wireless Bluetooth headset Buds 3 Pro, Xiaomi has launched its high-end noise-canceling Bluetooth headset – Xiaomi headset Buds 4 Pro.

It has been upgraded compared to the previous generation in terms of sound quality, noise reduction, and controllability, and it also brings the industry’s strongest 48dB intelligent active noise reduction and enhanced independent spatial audio. After several days of testing by the author, the Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro can be called the most balanced all-around headset under Xiaomi.

Design & Appearance

The Xiaomi Mi Headphones Buds 4 Pro has space capsule design elements, a semi-open charging box, and multiple built-in magnets to adsorb the headphones for fixation. The battery compartment of the headset adopts an inorganic-ion antibacterial coating, which is more comfortable and healthier.

The body of the Xiaomi Mi Headphones Buds 4 Pro also adopts a streamlined design, and the decorative parts of the headphones adopt a large-surface integrated injection molding process, which is more in line with the shape of the note.

There are two charging magnetic contacts on the lower half of the headset, and at the bottom is the microphone. There is a Type-C charging interface at the bottom of the battery compartment of the Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro, and the headset reset button on the right. The Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro box comes with two pairs of ear caps, one large and one small, a Type-C data cable, and an instruction manual.


In addition to the common operation logic, the Xiaomi Mi Headphones Buds 4 Pro also supports gesture operations such as double-click, triple-click, and long-press on the headset, and can be customized in the Xiaomi Headphones App. Of course, it also supports the wake-up of Xiao Ai and three audio modes.

In the Mi Headphones App, we can set multi-level gears for the transparency and noise reduction functions of the Mi Headphones Buds 4 Pro. The transparency mode has three gears: standard transparency, vocal enhancement, and environmental enhancement, while the noise reduction mode has six manual gear adjustments, which users can adjust according to their environment.

As a high-end headset, the Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro also supports in-ear detection. Wearing headphones during the test will automatically play a piece of music inside. After the music is played, the system will display the real-time fit of the headphones according to the monitoring results.

Users can adjust the wearing position of the headphones according to the detection results to obtain the best music experience. The smart free pick-up function enables the Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro to achieve noise reduction and dialogue. When we are wearing headphones, other people will inevitably talk to us. If we turn on the noise reduction mode, we may not be able to hear the other party’s words. Therefore, the smart no-hook function of the Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro can solve this kind of problem. question.

After the smart off-hook function is turned on, in the noise reduction mode, the headset will detect the human voice in the surrounding environment in real-time, automatically turn on the transparent transmission mode, which is convenient for us to have a conversation, and automatically return to the noise reduction mode after some time. The noise reduction dialogue is correct.

In the Xiaomi headset App, we can set the recovery time of the noise reduction mode in the smart hands-free function by ourselves. With this function, the headset will be more user-friendly during use.

Sound Quality and Noise Reduction

The ultra-dynamic dual-magnet moving coil on the Xiaomi Mi Headphones Buds 4 Pro uses an 11mm large-amplitude moving coil unit and supports high-frequency audio playback of up to 96KHz, which greatly improves the tri-band sound quality.

When using the Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro to enjoy music with a strong sense of rhythm such as “Ferry” and “The Sixth Sense”, the primary and secondary volume levels are very obvious, the vocals are crisp and bright and have richer high-frequency details.

In the bass part, the sound dives in place, and the thrill of cadence makes us quickly immersed in the music.

In general, the sound quality of the Xiaomi Mi Headphones Buds 4 Pro is more inclined to three-frequency balance, the analytical power can separate the human voice from the musical instruments, and the sound details are in place. It is reflected, and the sound field is wide enough, even if the spatial audio is not turned on, you can feel the relatively obvious stereo sound effect.

As Xiaomi’s high-end headphones, the Xiaomi Mi Headphones Buds 4 Pro also has spatial audio capabilities.

In our experience, the head supports 360° horizontal rotation of the head when watching the video, the audio will keep the surround sound in a fixed position according to the movement of the head, and the human voice is more like speaking in real life, making the sound more Three-dimensional surround.

When we are watching exciting scenes such as racing car chases, we feel like we are in a movie, and we turn our heads left and right, and the sound will come from all directions. Fuller and more three-dimensional.

The spatial audio function is mainly to greatly improve the viewing experience, giving people an immersive feeling.

In addition, this function is not only compatible with Xiaomi mobile phones but can use the spatial audio function for any Android mobile phone, just turn it on in the Xiaomi headset APP.

The Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro supports adaptive dynamic noise reduction, with a maximum noise reduction of 48dB.

There are 3 noise reduction gears in automatic mode. The earphone can automatically identify the environment and intelligently adjust the noise reduction depth according to spectral characteristics and environmental sound pressure levels in different environments. At the same time, it also achieves the desired noise reduction effect.

In the deep noise reduction mode, in an office environment, it can cancel most of the sound of hitting the mechanical keyboard. Facing common low-frequency noise such as chassis, fans, and air conditioners in the daily working environment can have an excellent elimination effect, bringing a quiet office environment without apparent ear pressure.

The rushing traffic downstairs made a lot of noise when we were standing by the window talking on the phone. In a noise environment close to 65dB, the highest-grade noise reduction mode is turned on. Thanks to Xiaomi’s self-developed anti-wind noise algorithm and unique wind-proof physical structure, only the slight low-frequency sound of the car rubbing against the ground can be heard.

Although the noise cannot be eliminated, such a noise reduction effect can be said to be completely sufficient in the case of a call or listening to music.


In terms of battery life, the Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro chip adopts an advanced 12nm process, the most advanced process in Android headsets, with multi-core collaboration and more balanced power consumption and performance.

After our test, when the noise reduction mode is turned off, the spatial audio and head tracking functions, the wearing detection, and the smart hands-free function are turned off, and listening to music continuously for 1 hour, the left ear battery drops from 100% to 88%, and the right ear The charge drops from 100% to 90%.

It is estimated that the battery life of both ears is about 9 hours, which is in line with the official promotion, and the overall battery life with the charging box can reach about 38 hours. Of course, if you turn on more functions, especially noise reduction, the battery life will be shorter, but it is not a big problem to use it with the charging box for a day.

In terms of charging, both the headset and the charging compartment support 5C fast charging technology, and the headset can be fully charged in 30 minutes after returning it to the box. After the actual test, the left ear battery starts to charge from 60% and can be charged to 85% in 5 minutes. Calculated at this rate, it fully meets the official promotion of half an hour full charge.

At the same time, the Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro also supports the 2W Qi wireless charging protocol. If the mobile phone supports wireless charging, you can use the mobile phone to recharge the headset, which is very practical when you go out to work or travel.

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The Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro is priced at 999 yuan, but it has functions and features such as an 11mm dual composite moving coil unit, 48db deep noise reduction, and an upgraded audio space. So far Xiaomi’s most high-end Bluetooth headset is qualified.

1. Dual composite unit spatial audio is more three-dimensional

The biggest upgrade of Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro is the 11mm dual composite moving coil unit. When listening to music, the bass is more prominent, and strong, the treble control is good, and the vocals are clear and bright. Restore every detail of the music.

Coupled with the support of the LHDC 4.0 architecture and spatial audio, the full-link delay is reduced, the audio coding quality is improved at the source, and a stronger sense of space is created.

2. Multi-gear noise reduction intelligent adaptation

The adaptive three-speed noise reduction can not only automatically adapt to the noise reduction level to ensure the surrounding quiet, but also minimize the discomfort caused by ear pressure.

The deep noise reduction of 48db allows us to cancel outside noise to the greatest extent in noisy highways or subways, and give us a space for music and calls of our own.

3. Smart touch supports wearing detection

The Xiaomi Mi Headphones Buds 4 Pro can customize the touch logic in the Mi Headphones App according to the user’s usage habits, which is extremely user-friendly and also increases the playability of the headphones.

Wearing detection can not only correct our irregular wearing habits in time to ensure that the ear is not damaged, but also monitor the state of the headset according to the gyroscope, and automatically stop music playback in the non-wearing state to save power.

4. 5C fast charge for half an hour

The battery compartment and dual earphones of Xiaomi Mi Buds 4 Pro both support 5C fast charging technology. After 5 minutes of charging, you can listen to music for 3 hours, and it can be fully charged within half an hour. When we urgently need video conferences or business trips, fast charging can play a role. play a greater role.

Although the wireless charging function is not commonly used, it is still standing as a Xiaomi high-end headset. If the mobile phone or tablet supports wireless reverse charging, it will be more convenient to charge outside.

The battery life is also satisfactory. It is not a problem to use it during the day, and it can be used for two or three days with the battery box.

At the price of 999 yuan, you can have spatial audio, 48db multi-speed intelligent noise reduction, and Xiaomi’s open ecosystem. Whether it is sound quality, noise reduction, or a series of other exclusive new features, Xiaomi’s earphone Buds 4 Pro reflects Xiaomi’s sincerity everywhere.

If you want high-end wireless earphones, the latest flagship earphones, the Xiaomi Mi Earphones Buds 4 Pro, are worth having.

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