Xiaomi Chuangmi Smart 720P WiFi IP Camera Design, Camera, Feature, Review


The camera features a very wide angle of view of 120 degrees. Xiaomi Chuangmi Smart is ideal for use in homes, small offices, restaurants and small businesses.Included is easy to use config tool allowing easy access to the camera on any network.This camera is fully outdoor rated and comes with a very strong easy to adjust bracket.


It supports local Micro SD card to record the video automatically, connect with Xiaomi wifi router, backup the data at a fixed time daily. Meanwhile, it supports TV, tablet pc, phone, and other devices checking.This camera only weighs 65g, and there is double sided tape to fix. It also supports connecting power bank to charge, you can use it outdoor or at the car when you are traveling.


Chuangmi smart IP camera supports 720p high definition filming, the image changing technology, it has 120-degree big angle lens, by the smartphone app, you can watch the shooting video anytime.



It can record 10 seconds in real time and push the warning notification to the phone or Wechat in the case of an emergency happening. It supports sleep mode to protect your family privacy.It is built 6 units 850nm Infrared complimentary light, the biggest viewing angle at night is up to 9 meters.Whether in the day or at night, we can see it clearly.Chuangmi IP camera can support dual way phone call, which can chat by smartphone and camera.It can support App customized mobile monitoring function, such as the dynamic scene that camera monitors.


The Xiaomi Chuangmi offers the most detection and sensitivity customization among the cameras we tested. You can adjust the size of its geofenced area and see that size on a map, then decide if the Xiaomi Chuangmi will detect either motion and/or sound, and you can customize its motion/sound sensitivity levels. The Xiaomi Chuangmi also lets you define multiple activity zones within its view by letting you crop a portion of the scene it has to pay any attention to while ignoring anything outside of the defined zone.bought this Xiaomi Chuangmi Smart the equivalent price of $19.99 from banggood


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