Xiaomi Civi Review: With HDR10+ 120Hz AMOLED Display


Xiaomi mobile phones have formed a complete and clear product line positioning: the main cost-effective Redmi series, the black technology, and more commercial MIX series, the digital series specializing in flagship positioning, and the youth version derived from the digital series. Wait.

In fact, there is also an exceptional Mi CC series, which is not loud, but also has its own unique style, that is, face value and selfies, designed for young hipsters, especially ladies who love beauty.

Since the release of Mi CC9, it has not launched an iterative product for two years. Fans have been waiting for the next generation of Mi CC products, but the official has always been silent.

We finally ushered in the sequel to the Xiaomi CC series, but the name is exceptional as “Xiaomi Civi“. It is a brand-new trend series specially designed for young people. It is equipped with fashionable and diverse designs and innovative imaging technology. It is no longer limited to the appearance and selfie of the CC series.

The reborn Xiaomi Civi has a completely different design idea from the previous CC series. Xiaomi also hopes to use a new definition and look to bring users a trendy image empowered by technology and show a different Xiaomi.

The Xiaomi Civi received by Kuai Technology is a shiny black color version, equipped with a 6.55-inch AMOLED flagship hyperboloid flexible screen, 120Hz high brush, resolution of 2400X1080, support for P3 color gamut, 10bit color depth display, 5 million: 1 contrast ratio, and also supports Dolby Vision and HDR10+.

In terms of the imaging system, Xiaomi Civi is equipped with a 32-megapixel front camera that supports AF focusing, and the rear is a 64-megapixel main camera + 8MP ultra-wide-angle + 2MP macro three-camera solutions, no matter if you are taking selfies or shooting people It’s not a problem to shoot objects.

Xiaomi Civi uses the sub-flagship Snapdragon 778G chip with LPDDR4X memory and UFS2.2 flash memory in core hardware configuration. Although it is not as sturdy as the flagship Audio-Technica of Snapdragon 888, LPDDR5, and UFS 3.1, it has enough performance. The second is also more civilian. Let’s experience the performance of Xiaomi Civi. The following figure shows the specific parameters:

Design & AppearanceThe front of the Xiaomi Civi uses a 6.55-inch 120Hz high-brush center digging screen, the flagship AMOLED screen, and the display effect is naturally perfect and transparent.

The measurement size is 158.34X71.5X6.98mm, and the weight is only 166g. It is tiny and comfortable to hold in hand. The 6.98mm thick middle frame is not as thick as a finger, which can be the thinnest on the market. One of the mobile phones is very suitable for female users.

Hyperboloid screen design, but the arc is not too big, which enriches the field of vision and minimizes the chance of accidental touch.

A 32-megapixel front camera is inserted in the digging area, and two soft lights are hidden in the upper frame. Xiaomi has also differentiated from the default theme, making Xiaomi Civi look younger and more fashionable. Xiaomi Civi adopts the second-generation COP packaging technology, which can further reduce the frame and bring the effect of equal width of the upper and lower frames.

The six-octahedral crystal microstructure of the velvet AG process used on the back glass can give the glass a frosted texture, bring a better grip, and prevent fingerprints from remaining. When facing the light, the back will flash BlingBling, which is interesting and very textured.

The rear camera uses a 64MP main camera + 8MP ultra wide-angle + 200 macros three-shot solution. The left button is the volume up and down buttons in the figure, and the down is the power button.

From left to right at the top: noise reduction infrared, microphone, speaker. From left to right at the bottom: SIM card slot, USB-C port, microphone, speaker. Xiaomi Civi is also very environmentally friendly and does not come with a charger but supports 55W fast charging.


Taking selfies is undoubtedly an important mission of Xiaomi Civi. Its front camera uses a 32 million pixel ultra-clear lens, which supports AF autofocus. At the same time, there are two soft lights embedded in the upper frame of the phone. With Xiaomi’s optimized beauty algorithm, all purposes are to make the girls better. Beautiful.

Let’s take a look at the performance of the proofs.

The sister paper photographed by the front camera shows a natural and soft beauty in high-light and low-light environments. With the assistance of soft lights and algorithms, the entire face and even the arm skin have perfect beauty optimizations, but there is no violent excessive beauty. The layering and skin texture of the facial features are restored very well, and it looks. It is a very comfortable feeling.

In addition, the Selfie also supports the adjustment of the depth of field in the later stage, and the extent of the background blur is completely up to you.

Pre-cute mode

The cute shooting mode that comes with the camera also provides a variety of stickers for anthropomorphic and cartoon images, which adds to the fun and playability of the front camera.

Xiaomi Civi uses the mainstream rear three-camera solution. The 64-megapixel GW3 main camera specification is a 1/1.97-inch sensor, F1.79 aperture, equivalent 24mm, and supports pixel four-in-one technology.

The specification of the 8MP ultra-wide-angle lenses is 120° ultra-wide range, F2.2 aperture, equivalent to 16mm, and F2.4 aperture, as well as a 2MP macro lens that can focus at 4cm. The overall configuration is above the middle level.

Let’s take a look at the photo proofs below.

The samples taken by Xiaomi Civi during the day are pure and transparent, with obvious layers of vegetation on the roadside, and have a certain ability to capture objects in fast motion. The obvious example is a car passing fast on the road.

However, similar to many rear multi-camera solutions, the white balance adjustment of each lens is not completely consistent, especially the sky color obtained by the main camera, and the ultra-wide-angle is not the same blue.

The main photo proofs at night reproduce the neon light effect and the clouds in the sky very well, with a certain sense of transparency and layering before and after. It still has a stable expression after 2X magnification, and it is not a problem to take some long-term shots.

Ultra-wide-angle is not suitable for night shooting. Although the field of view is wider, the light suppression is difficult, and the color is slightly “faint”.

Xiaomi Civi has a special macro lens, which can quickly achieve the image for close-range shooting and show hierarchy. However, like almost all solutions, the macro lens is not the main force; it is more suitable when the overall level needs to be highlighted.

It is recommended to use the main camera directly in daily shooting, which has a stronger resolution. If the AI ​​mode is turned on, there will be macro assistance, which can meet the needs of most users.

It should be noted that the color toning methods of the distant scene and the near scene are slightly different. The color of the distant scene is biased to the real scene, while the near scene is more vivid than the green plant model in the picture above, and it appears to have some “ethics”. “Taste” is more pleasing to the eye. Of course, for tools, achieving satisfactory results depends entirely on the user’s own preferences.

Game experience

Xiaomi Civi uses a 6nm process technology Snapdragon 778G chip, composed of 4 large 2.4Ghz A78 cores + 4 small 1.8Hz A55 cores, and integrates Adreno 624L GPU.

In terms of AI, the Snapdragon 778G supports the brand-new sixth-generation Qualcomm AI engine, integrated with the AI ​​acceleration architecture, with a computing power of up to 12TOPS (12 trillion operations per second), and high energy efficiency can run multiple neural networks at the same time.

In terms of paper parameters, the performance of this sub-flagship chip is comparable to the Snapdragon 855, and it is equipped with LPDDR4X memory + UFS 2.2 flash memory that meets its positioning.

Let’s take a look at the performance of this Xiaomi Civi in ​​the game.

The original god

In “Original God”, known as the “baking machine”, we have turned the game’s picture quality to a very high level, and the frame rate has been changed from the default 30 frames to 60 frames.

In the performance of Mi Civi in ​​”The Original God”, the frame rate fluctuated between 40-55 frames in the first 4 minutes of the game. After that, “The Original God” automatically limited the frame rate to 30 frames, and it was obvious that the game’s image quality was reduced.

Excluding the frame rate drop caused by map transmission, the curve with relatively large fluctuations in the game is randomly running the map and fighting monsters in the game, and the curve of simply running the map in the last 5 minutes appears to be relatively stable.

Although “The Original God” automatically reduced the image quality and limited the frame rate to 30 frames, no stuttering or frame dropped during the period, which is already very good.

The glory of the King

As the most well-known MOBA domestic mobile game “Glory of the King”, we have pulled the screen settings to a super high level.

Games like “Glory of Kings” are not very resource-intensive even if the special effects are fully enabled. In the five-minute battle, the frame rate curve has been in a relatively stable state of 60 frames, and there is not much fluctuation.

Ace Battlefield

Is the “Ace Battlefield” that supports 120Hz shooting games; we have maximized the game picture quality of the competitive battlefield and the ace battlefield and turned it off to reduce the picture quality and frame rate automatically.

In “Ace Battlefield”, Xiaomi Civi only supports up to 60 frames due to game adaptation issues, with an average frame rate of 58 frames. Excluding frame rate fluctuations caused by death, the performance is also very stable. If it can be adapted in place, the 120Hz high refresh screen will be more useful.

QQ Speed

In “QQ Speed”, the picture quality, resolution, and frame rate settings are set to the highest as usual.

In a fast single game, the “QQ Speed” frame number is also very stable, with an average of about 60 frames.


In the Antutu performance test, Xiaomi Civi scored 503398 points, of which the CPU score was 146708, the GPU score was 152271, the memory score was 84668, and the UX score was 119751. This is the normal level of the Snapdragon 778G, but it is impossible to compare its ranking due to prototype limitations.


Xiaomi used UFS 2.2, with sequential read and write of 985MB/s and 816MB/s, and random read and write of 218MB/s and 244MB/s.

In terms of random read and write, UFS 2.2 and UFS 3.1 can have little difference in performance. From the above performance, this sub-flagship processor, Snapdragon 778G, supports popular games, and there is no obvious problem in playing most online games on the market.


Endurance test

For battery life, we use a professional battery life test tool-a a battery dog ​​produced by Kuai Technology for testing.

In the test items, we checked all test items, including CPU high voltage, CPU multi-threading, AI recognition, picture browsing, video playback, and web browsing to simulate user usage scenarios and restore the real load to the greatest extent which is closer to the real power consumption. Case.

The Xiaomi Civi has a built-in 4500 mAh lithium battery, automatically interrupting the running score after consuming 85% of the power. The test takes 7 hours and 53 minutes, and the remaining 15% of the power can provide about one hour of battery life.

Thanks to the MIUI optimization in place and the blessing of low-power chips, it can provide a total of 9 hours of battery life in conversion. It is not a problem for the general user’s usage to support intermittent use throughout the day.

Charging test

In terms of charging, Xiaomi Civi supports fast charging up to 55W, and it only takes 43 minutes to charge from 5%.

From the perspective of the charging process, the charging curve of Xiaomi Civi is relatively stable. It does not adopt an aggressive charging strategy. It can charge about 12% of the power every 5 minutes. After 90%, it enters the battery protection mode, and the speed begins to slow down, but it also only took about 8 minutes to reach 100%.

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I thought that after two years, a product with a thin and light body, such as the Civi launched by Xiaomi, would sacrifice some functions and performance at the expense of some functions and performance. It’s all done.

As the slogan said, Mi Civi is naturally good-looking, but it is not limited to appearance. The five beautiful things that Xiaomi Civi advertises: “naturally beautiful appearance and craftsmanship”, “naturally beautiful screen look and feel”, “naturally beautiful all-round configuration”, “naturally beautiful image selfie”, “naturally beautiful fast charging speed”, let ” The slogan, which is inherently good-looking, covers the entire mobile phone in an all-round way.

Let’s summarize five of the main features in turn. The appearance of the back has unique craftsmanship. The Xiaomi Civi, which is as thin as 6.98mm and as light as 166g, has a very comfortable grip, and it will not be tiring to hold for a long time. It is really intimate for female users with petite palms.

In terms of screen, it is equipped with a flagship 6.55-inch flagship AMOLED hyperboloid flexible screen with a resolution of 2400X1080 and supports a P3 color gamut. The sensory enjoyment brought by an excellent screen is the most obvious. The 120Hz high brush is used in adapted games. It is also hearty.

In terms of configuration, the combination of Snapdragon 778G sub-flagship chip + LPDDR4X + UFS2.2, daily applications, and popular online games are naturally a matter of course. The energy efficiency is higher, the battery life improvement brought by low-power chips is obvious, and it supports 55W fast. It can be fully charged in 40 minutes. It can provide 9 hours of high-intensity battery life.

There are also proactive selfies; 32 Megapixels support AF autofocus. The front double soft light, beauty algorithm, luxury-level selfie combination, whether day or night, can make girls take pictures of themselves beautifully.

The rear camera uses the mainstream level of 64MP main cameras + 8 million super wide-angle + 2 million macro three-shot combination; the main camera is compelling, the strong light and dark light macro are relaxed, and the macro mode is also very hierarchical feel.

In terms of positioning, Xiaomi Civi has the traditional beauty design and a selfie of the Xiaomi CC family, and it complements the regrets of performance, screen, and fast charging. It can be described as “blue is better than blue”.

For young users who have requirements for hand feel, appearance, and selfies, whether, for girls or personal use, this Xiaomi Civi can completely satisfy you.

In terms of price, Xiaomi Civi offers three optional configurations this time, 8+128GB is priced at 2599 yuan, 8+256GB is priced at 2899 yuan, and 12+256GB is priced at 3199 yuan. At the same time, there are three color options available, respectively: sparkling black, light blue, and pounding.


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