Xiaomi Cleanfly Car Wireless Portable Vacuum Cleaner For Just $49.99 at TOMTOP in Flash Sale


Having a robot vacuum cleaner like the Xiaomi Vacuum or Roborock Vacuum S50 is always interesting because it greatly alleviates the cleaning tasks of our home. But sometimes we need something smaller and portable because there are tasks that these intelligent vacuum cleaners cannot do, or at least they should not, like for example, pick up the crumbs of bread from the table after paying homage to us with good agape. For this, we have some hand vacuum cleaners that can be perfect for these tasks, such as The Xiaomi Cleanfly Car Wireless Portable Vacuum Cleaner is perfect for smaller tasks.

xiaomi cleanfly car portable vacuum cleaner can achieve 5000Pa suction power. Also, with the design of turbine blades, a powerful and high-performance engine with a speed of up to 32,000 rpm. Therefore, collecting dust, soot, hair, potato chips, seeds, coins, etc. will be very convenient for this cleaner.

This vacuum cleaner can clean the corners of the machine, which is difficult to access, and effectively clean the entire car. With 12V / 2A fast charging technology, it can be fully charged within 1.5 hours. Two high-performance batteries are smartly designed inside the handle. This device provides a powerful power source that can last for up to 13 minutes.

In addition, xiaomi cleanfly car portable vacuum cleaner is equipped with a two-layer filter system. The initial filter screen layer quickly absorbs large particles and dust, and a Hepa11 double-layer filter board effectively filters dust particles to a depth of 0.3 microns to prevent secondary contamination.

Two batteries with a capacity of 2000 mAh (voltage 7.3 V) provide up to 13 minutes of operation. Charging takes an hour and a half. For cleaning of hard-to-reach places, a backlight LED and an elongated nozzle with a moving brush is provided. With this Xiaomi Cleanfly Car Wireless Portable Vacuum Cleaner, you can also clean the sofas in the house. Right now we can buy it from TOMTOP at $49.99 (200Pcs Only) For Limited time…


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