Xiaomi Confirmed MIUI 9 Will Add Split Screen Function


For android smartphone users, it is common to see about Split screen function, but for Xiaomi MIUI users, this kind of function doesn’t appear in MIUI OS which is a little pity. Although MIUI OS updates very timely, the interaction experience also does very excellently, but it lacks of split screen function.

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Previously in MIUI forum about split function poll, there are 77% users confirming this function, and claims the split screen function will appear in MIUI 9 OS. And in Xiaomi MIUI official Wechat, MIUI 9 has also confirmed it.

MIUI 8 has been released on May 10, 2016 by Xiaomi, according to official teaser, after one year, MIUI 9 will meet us soon, besides Split screen function, MIUI 9 OS will be much simpler, more stable,more fluent, and power saving, etc, which is very worthwhile to wait for MIUI 9 OS. And it is said that MIUI 9 will also support PIP mode (picture in picture ), which is more attractive. So what kind of feature do you expect most?


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