Xiaomi Confirms Not Attending MWC 2017 Besides Samsung


In Barcelona, Spain, annual MWC will be held, it is the important congress of International mobile industry. There will be over 100,000 users attending annually. Meanwhile, it will be the best chance for most manufacturers to show their latest commercial achievements.

At MWC 2016, Xiaomi released a flagship smartphone, Xiaomi MI5. In 2015, Hugo Barra team improved the reputation of Xiaomi brand in Western world. During the interview, he has promoted Xiaomi and its business well to let more people know Xiaomi brand.

But just now, a spokesman of Xiaomi manufacturer has confirms to other big media that they will not attend MWC this year, because they don’t have new products to show. According to this news, we can speculate that Xiaomi MI6 will be released until March, 2017.

Therefore, Samsung and Xiaomi will both not attend at MWC 2017, and Galaxy S8 and Xiaomi MI6 will be delayed to be released, but LG G6 will come out on time. So which flagship will you choose?


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