Xiaomi Crowdfunding a Bluetooth Featured Smart Carrobot HUD


Carrobot HUD is today’s novelty that Xiaomi has added to the Youpin platform. The car gadget is currently in the crowdfunding campaign and a few hours collected 625% of the required amount until the end of the collection are still 13 days.

The Xiaomi Carrobot HUD uses the principle of optical reflection to project information such as tire pressure, speed and speed onto the front glass of the car. This HUD ensures that the projected content is consistent with the driver’s line of sight; the floating virtual instrument panel is designed with free-form surface technology, and the 10+ layer optical coating prevents image distortion and does not cause image weight.

Xiaomi Carrobot HUD integrates real-time voice navigation, making phone calls, listening to music, checking the weather, road conditions and other functions in one, and can be used with the Xiaomi App. It is equipped with professional application voice device technology, and the recognition accuracy reaches 97%.

It is very easy to install and use, and the device will automatically shut down after the vehicle is turned off. The built-in light sensing system can automatically adjust the brightness of the screen according to the brightness of the environment, or manually adjust through the body button or use the App control, there are three brightness modes to choose from.

The appearance adopts a semi-concealed design, which is perfectly integrated in the car and demonstrates the technical temperament. The appearance material is made of polycarbonate + ABS mixing process and has high performance of high-temperature resistance, no deformation, anti-UV, and no discoloration. The screen of LCD material is made of high-temperature resistant imaging original, and the temperature range is controlled from minus 30 Deg.C to above 80 Deg.C.

Xiaomi Carrobot HUD is oxidized by aluminum alloy profile, which is made into a precision heat sink for air dissipation without noise. 20 LED lamp beads are mounted on the aluminum substrate by the flip-chip process, COB package. It forms an integrated surface light source, and the luminous surface is evenly dissipated and energy-efficient. It is 2-3 times more efficient than the traditional 4-6 lamp bead design.

In addition, it also has OBD real-time monitoring function, including data such as speed, speed, fuel consumption, water temperature, etc. It can be compatible with more than 90% of branded gasoline models to ensure driving safety.

Xiaomi Carrobot HUD was awarded in China at 399 yuan (about $58). The transportation of the first customers will start at 14u in July 2019.

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