Xiaomi Crowdfunding On the Jianit intelligent Water Purifier: 3 Years Without Changing The Membrane


On April 2, Xiaomi crowdfunding put on a new product – Jianit intelligent water purifier, support Mijia APP control, crowdfunding price of 2,499 yuan ($371.87), including on-site installation service fees, is expected to start shipping on April 22.

It is understood that the Jianit intelligent water purifier is developed and produced by AO Smith Environmental Appliance Global Research and Development Base, and provides comprehensive after-sales service. The company has a multi-functional laboratory for water treatment constructed in accordance with NSFCNAS accreditation standards, including 18 modules for precision instrumental analysis laboratories that can detect heavy metals, antibiotics, microorganisms, and disinfection by-products. Currently has more than 140 patented technologies.

The Garnett Smart Water Purifier uses a 550-gallon high-throughput reverse osmosis filtration system that increases the water purification membrane area by 30% compared to conventional 400 water vessels. The water output per minute is as high as 1.6 liters, 7.5 seconds a cup of fresh water, compared with the traditional 400G water purifier, the water output per minute increased by 60%.

It adopts a barrelless design, that is, it can be filtered and ready to drink. When the tap is turned on, it can drink fresh water, reduce waiting time, and effectively avoid secondary pollution that may be caused by the water storage tank.

The Jianit intelligent water purifier adopts the patented long-acting RO reverse osmosis membrane independently developed by the company. Under the condition of ensuring fresh and safe water quality, the membrane service life is up to 3 years, and the annual total water purification is improved compared with the traditional 400G water purifier. 4 times, reaching a total of 5500L of rated clean water.

This has greatly reduced the cost of drinking water. According to the official, if a family drinks 10 liters of purified water a day, the Jianit intelligent water purifier costs only 1 yuan per day, reducing the cost of water by 50%.

The Jianit intelligent water purifier has a five-stage layer filtration system, which can effectively remove rust, scale, heavy metals, residual chlorine, impurities, etc. in the tap water of the home, and also remove odor and improve the taste.

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Thanks to the patented technology of side-flow reverse osmosis membrane with the two-way water inlet, 2 cups of clean water only needs to produce 1 cup of wastewater, which exceeds the national first-class water efficiency standard and is environmentally friendly and water-saving. It also supports the patented technology of intelligent self-flushing, which can automatically flush when power is supplied and water is produced to ensure clean and safe water quality.

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