Xiaomi Crowdfunding On The Machine Island AI Point Reading Pen: 299 Yuan ($44.30)


On January 15th, the 304th product of Xiaomi Crowdfunding was announced. It is the machine island AI reading pen, and the crowdfunding price is 299 yuan.

This product is a third-party product with products. It is delivered by Nanjing Machine Island Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. and is available for sale. It is expected to start delivery on February 28.

The biggest feature of the machine island AI point reading pen is the built-in “Little Love Classmate”, which is not only a point reading pen, but also an AI point reading robot that integrates a story machine, a learning machine, and a Chinese-English translation machine.

It supports intelligent pronunciation evaluation, intelligent learning report, APP synchronization display, children’s learning interest and process at a glance. Wi-Fi unlimited download, no need to manually update the content, automatically read the voice resources for the new picture book matching point.

It includes 5 core competencies of self-care, social, psychological, cognitive and logical thinking, 20 sub-themes, 1200+ knowledge points, 2000+ Chinese and English vocabulary customized curriculum original content, and opens the baby English enlightenment journey.

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As a product that has been transformed into a child, the machine Island AI dot reading pen adopts a simple and cute design, which is in line with the children’s aesthetic. Made of silicone material, it is certified by the US FDA, with a smooth appearance and comfortable hand.

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