Xiaomi Crowdfunding Put on The Hairball Trimmer: Starting Price is Only 39 yuan ($5.51)


Xiaomi Crowdfunding was announced. It is the Langfei hair ball trimmer. The starting price of crowdfunding is only 39 yuan.

Autumn and winter clothing generates static electricity due to friction, and the static electricity re-winds the ball. The coats and sweaters in the closet can’t avoid the pilling. Let the hairball trimmer solve the annoying hairball. Trimmed for different clothes, clean and gentle, not damaging clothes.

The Long-life hair ball trimmer motor has a motor speed of 7000r/min. It uses 8-blade negative pressure centrifugal fan blades to absorb the batt by strong suction, driving the three-blade sharp blade to rotate at high speed and neat the ball.

Three different sizes of mesh, imitation honeycomb design is distributed from the inside out, reasonable, full range capture. 0.2mm micro-arc knife net, quickly catch the hairball, fit the clothes at close range, smooth the knife net, protect the clothes from damage. Design, Q Meng body, only 125g. ABS body material, sleek appearance, and arc edge treatment, bring a feel of both hand and beauty.

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Universal Type-C interface, the power source of ternary lithium battery, long-lasting and long life. The high-density battery is fully filled with 2H and works continuously for 40 minutes.

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