Xiaomi Curved Screen Smartphone exposed with Snapdragon823, RAM 6GB


Since Xiaomi Max and MIUI 8 released, Xiaomi has never stopped to leak the latest news about its product line. Last time it is said they will announce Xiaomi drone by end of this month. Right now they also leaked that they will release Xiaomi Curved screen smartphone. As is know to all, Samsung has planned to release this kind of smartphone. I guess Xiaomi will also follow this kind of tendency to bring surprise for its customers. According the latest rumored news, Xiaomi is supposed to use LG Display rather than Samsung screen. What’s more news about this smartphone?

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As for its screen, the netizen shows on microblog that Xiaomi curved screen will be 5.7inch with OLED material. In addition,Xiaomi Curved screen phone will come with metal body, powered by Snapdragon823 processor, RAM 6GB storage. Since Letv released Letv LeEco Max 2 smartphone with RAM 6GB ROM 64GB, a lot of users would like to experience. So Xiaomi will not miss the chance to catch up with Letv to release its first RAM 6GB smartphone. What’s more, it’s said Xiaomi curved screen mobile phone will come with 12MP rear camera, but they will probably tell others that the dual camera is 13MP.

Right now, more fierce competition between Xiaomi and Letv makes Xiaomi released RAM 6GB smartphone soon. This time Xiaomi decided to use curved display to impress us which makes us expected. But it’s known that curved screen technology is difficult and the curved screen of LG display is still in processing. We take a guess when Xiaomi curved screen phone will be released. Will it come out before Samsung Curved screen phone?  We are more curious about its battery and price? Xiaomi always produces its smartphones with high-performance and competitive price. Will Xiaomi curved smartphone sell at 2999yuan to 3999yuan? It’s hard to think how powerful the curved smartphone it is!


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