XIAOMI Deerma DEM-NF30 Review: 250W Portable Mini Heater For Just $27.77 at Banggood


This XIAOMI Deerma DEM-NF30 (APP Link) Portable Mini Heater with a max power of 250W, can quickly and easily heat up the temperatures in the space, make you warm. Bright colored shell makes the machine beautiful and elegant, it will be the best personal space heater for you in the cold winter.


The XIAOMI Deerma DEM-NF30 Heater has a minimalist design, hallmark of Xiaomi and is built with PBT / PP. XIAOMI Deerma DEM-NF30 Portable Mini Heater can heat most bedrooms, though it can take a while to heat the entire room, as with most space heaters. This Portable heater ideal for use in your workplace, greenhouse, garage or anywhere else that heat is needed and can be used as a temporary or permanent heating solution. Its small in size with only 182 x 87.5 x 107mm dimension and weight only 500g, super portable to carry and store.


XIAOMI Deerma DEM-NF30 Heater has Built-in ceramic heating element with high thermal efficiency, it takes only 5 sec from heating to ventilation, one button starts, warms the whole body. Set up 3 major security guarantees, the system is safely protected, safe and reliable. Set 5 level timing function to enjoy warmth at any time. Can be used directly in the socket, or can be pulled out of the power cord. Quickly dissipate the heat generated during work. After 4 hours of booting, it will automatically shut down, avoiding the security risks of forgetting to shut down. The whole machine can be used directly in the socket type, or the hidden power cord can be pulled out to extend the scope of use. After the buckle is fastened, the power cord can be stored and can be used on the table and under the table as needed.


XIAOMI Deerma DEM-NF30 (APP Link) Portable Mini Heater is the best for the winter season use to warm easily and safely. You can buy it from Banggood at $27.77 (50Pcs Only)


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