Xiaomi Deli Magnetic Levitation Globe Launched On Youpin


Today, Xiaomi launched a deli magnetic levitation globe on Youpin, which can levitate in the air, it features such as 360° automatic rotation, power-off self-absorption, etc. The official price of the Xiaomi Deli Magnetic Levitation Globe is 289 yuan (about $45), but currently, it is available on youpin at a special price of 279 yuan (around $43).

The new Xiaomi Deli Magnetic Levitation Globe model of the earth sphere automatically rotates 360° in the air, so, it can be observed clearly from any angle. It is suitable for the elementary teaching of classroom geography, and parents who want to take their children to understand the world and to enlighten its knowledge and vision.

Besides, it has a power failure protection function, so in the event of a sudden power failure, the sphere will automatically magnetically be attached to the top instead of falling on the floor. The buyer does not need to worry about the sphere being damaged and can rest assured to place it on a flat surface.

Not only that, In the case of continuous operation for 24 hours, the sphere suspended at a uniform speed for one month (30 days) consumes only about 3 kilowatts of electricity, which is far less than the electricity consumption of other electrical appliances, energy-saving, power-saving, and environmentally friendly.

The Xiaomi Deli Magnetic Levitation Globe has an overall height of 25cm, and the “earth” in the middle has a diameter of 14cm. The inner wall of the circular orbit is designed with a 360° ring luminous light. Touch/brake the switch on the instrument base to enjoy clear viewing at night and in dim conditions. Self-study and teaching, the light is soft and does not hurt the eyes.

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