Xiaomi Donates Another 1 Billion Yuan to Corona-Stricken Area In Wuhan City


Announcing an emergency to close Wuhan City due to the coronary outbreak Absolutely prohibiting the population from leaving the city. Most recently, the famous smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has come out with donations of N95 masks and other necessary medical equipment. For the area that has already experienced the coronavirus problem With a total value of more than 300,000 yuan (about $43247).

Today, the support for the epidemic in Hubei continued throughout the country. The author learned from the Wuhan Charity Federation that Xiaomi Group donated 1 billion yuan (about $1441586) to the Wuhan Charity Federation and remitted it and directed support for Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital, Wuhan Tongji Hospital, Wuhan Xiehe Hospital, Wuhan University People’s Hospital, Wuhan University South-Hospital, Used to purchase medical supplies and equipment needed to fight the epidemic.

According to Liu Guojun, vice president of the regional development department of Xiaomi Group and general manager of Wuhan Headquarters: After the Wuhan epidemic, Xiaomi Group immediately launched a fund donation operation and at the same time gave priority to emergency material donations in response to the epidemic situation. It is understood that on January 23, Xiaomi simultaneously launched the first batch of emergency material assistance programs to Wuhan, and a donation of 1 billion yuan (about $1441586) to the Wuhan Charity Federation and shipped the first batch of materials on the first day of January 25th arrived in Wuhan.

It is understood that since the outbreak of the epidemic, Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital, Wuhan Tongji Hospital, Wuhan Xiehe Hospital, Wuhan University People’s Hospital, Wuhan University South Central Hospital have become the frontline of the epidemic prevention battle, and the demand for medical supplies is particularly urgent. After learning about this situation, this time the fund was donated, Xiaomi gave priority to the 5 hospitals in the frontline of epidemic prevention and made targeted donations.

Liu Guojun also explained that during the entire rescue process, Xiaomi Group made fast delivery of emergency supplies as the focus of its preliminary work and fully took advantage of Xiaomi’s platform and logistics. Xiaomi learned that some medical supplies were inadequate after the “closed city” in Wuhan on January 23, and immediately set up an internal coordination group to bring all the medical supplies that meet the requirements of Xiaomi’s 6 large warehouses across the country, as well as rescue materials raised by various parties, through Xiantao transited and relayed to Wuhan.

He also revealed that out of trust in Xiaomi’s logistics dispatching capabilities, social organizations such as the Wuhan University Alumni Association and Wang Yibo Fans Association also entrusted Xiaomi with the need to transport donated materials.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to Wuhan, the worst-hit area of ​​the epidemic, Xiaomi also helped many cities in Hubei Province for the first time. Yesterday, the emergency materials donated by Xiaomi arrived at the hospitals or health committees in Huanggang, Xiaogan, Xiantao, Jingmen City and Jingzhou. This is also one of the earliest donations received by Hubei Province-affected cities other than Wuhan from Internet companies. It is understood that the first batch of supplies was mainly isolation protective clothing and N95 masks. According to Liu Guojun, the total purchase amount of Xiaomi Group has reached 6 million yuan. According to the actual situation, the scope of donations will be expanded step by step to better support the fight against the epidemic in various places.

It is understood that the Xiaomi Group also empowers the comprehensive disaster relief capabilities to the ecological chain, and each ecological chain enterprise actively responds and participates in supporting the epidemic prevention work in Hubei. Enterprises such as Xiaomi’s sub-brand ZMi Technology, 8H, Xiaoji Technology, Derma, NineBot, Jiu An Medical, etc donated a large number of materials and funds. Eco-chain enterprises have also given play to their unique category advantages and donated a large number of daily necessities that meet the needs of the affected areas. For example, 8H and Xiaoji Technology donated a total of 400 sets of antibacterial mattresses, and derma donated 200 sets of sterilizing air purifiers, and some materials have arrived in Hubei.

Here is some rumors surfacing that peoples need to be careful who are purchasing online from china because it is a reason for Coronovirus spread, but it is reported that Chinese Government is taking strict measures now and they will conquer virus soon, so buyers no need to afraid, because just Wuhan city is corona-stricken, not the whole country.


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