Xiaomi Door and Window Sensor 2 Released: Crowdfunding 39 yuan Free Shipping


The official microblog of Xiaomi Mall released a notice that Xiaomi Door and Window Sensor 2 will start crowdfunding for new products in Xiaomi Mall and Xiaomi Home at 10 o’clock on August 12th. Crowdfunding is 39 yuan free shipping and the future retail price is 49 yuan. Those who are interested can go to the Xiaomi Mall APP to participate in crowdfunding.

The first generation of Xiaomi door and window sensors was released as early as 2015. With the Mijia multi-function gateway, it can sense the status of doors and windows in real-time. Now, this product is still available in Xiaomi Mall, priced at 49 yuan.

As the second-generation new product, the biggest feature of the Xiaomi door and window sensor 2 is the new light sensor, which realizes the combination of opening and closing and lighting, and linkage with more scenes!

For example, when detecting the dimming of the light, the Xiaomi door and window sensor 2 will send a signal to link the smart light to realize the scene of opening the door at night.

Through the magnetic induction on the door and window sensors, the opening and closing status can be judged. After the Bluetooth gateway is connected, the device status can be checked at any time through the mobile phone, and the Xiaoai speaker can also be linked for voice broadcast, and the doors and windows can be opened and closed by listening.

Not only doors and windows, but also on the pet fence. After linking with the camera, when the pet runs out of the fence, the camera will automatically record the video and push it to the mobile phone.

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You can even install the Xiaomi door and window sensor 2 on the refrigerator or toilet to see if the child steals food and the husband forgot to lift the toilet.


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