Xiaomi Dreame AHD5-WV0 Review – 1400W Hair Dryer For Just $129.99/€116.87 at Geekbuying (+Coupon)


Xiaomi Dreame AHD5-WV0 1400W Hair Dryer tool that allows you to not only quickly and efficiently dry your hair, but also to do styling, as well as professional styling without any harm to the roots. A powerful modern electric motor (1400 watts) is responsible for the operation of the device.

Buy Xiaomi Dreame AHD5-WV0 Hair Dryer For $129.99/€116.87


The Xiaomi Dreame AHD5-WV0 1400W Hair Dryer is made of a polymer alloy, characterized by high heat resistance and mechanical strength. Xiaomi Dreame 1400W Hair Dryer is not afraid of the influence of direct ultraviolet rays, strokes, and other negative effects. The handle has a balanced center of gravity, as it houses an electric motor, as well as other important elements. The short socket can be expanded if necessary with the help of special nozzles included in the delivery. These devices are characterized by narrow outlet openings and are fixed on magnetic mounts. The case is made in a neutral white color, which allows the gadget to fit into any interior of the bathtub or hallway.

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As a result, the hair does not deform, become more elastic and tender, and areas of irritation and redness cease to appear on the skin. Even stiff and magnificent hair grows smooth, soft when combing. A whole set of sensors is responsible for temperature control. When overheating, protection has triggered that cuts off the power supply to the device. It is equipped with a high-speed brushless motor of 110,000 rpm, which can provide strong wind energy allows you to dry your hair quickly while reducing your losses. Fast dry hair at low temperature, which can take care of your hair softly and keep your hair shiny. A beautiful streamlined design and three modes can meet a variety of hair blowing needs. The sunken air inlet is designed to avoid the risk of hair stranding and is the best gift for women. There are three basic algorithms for the device. The first is responsible for easy drying, the second for the supply of a strong warm stream. The third is designed to perform maintenance and styling tasks. The temperature range is adjustable in three possible options. In the Xiaomi Dreame AHD5-WV0 1400W Hair Dryer, an innovative system of generating negative ions with a high concentration is implemented. This opens up a unique opportunity to completely neutralize static charges.


Buy Xiaomi Dreame AHD5-WV0 Hair Dryer For $129.99/€116.87

The Xiaomi Dreame AHD5-WV0 1400W Hair Dryer ensures smart and fast hair drying at different temperature levels. Ultimately, it will keep your hair smooth and silky all the time you apply the hair drying machine on them. We can buy it from Geekbuying at $129.99/€116.87 by using coupon code: GKB10PP


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