Xiaomi Dual Unit Half Ear Headphone| With Hi Res Audio| 4 Thing Make it Perfect| Price Only $15.99 (Coupon Inside)


Xiaomi Dual Unit Half-Ear Headphone is the name of the new pair of low-cost earphones presented by the Chinese company, known all over the world thanks to its quality products offered at a low price.

1. Design

The design, inspired by Apple’s EarPods, hides some interesting features. The Dual-Unit Semi-In-Ear Headphones Mi have in fact a half-ear graft, which deviates from the classic in-ear due to the outermost shell, which protrudes out of the ear canal. This improves the comfort of the earphones and avoids the occurrence of possible discomfort during prolonged use of the accessory.

2. Build

The headphone wire is made using a soft thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) material which, according to the company, will not twist or get entangled easily. Inside the headphones, you find a dual-unit dynamic coil along with a ceramic horn acoustic structure.

3. Functions

The new Xiaomi earphones also boast the Hi-Res Audio certification and integrate a multilayer ceramic diaphragm, to improve the sound performance. The headphones are also equipped with a 3.5 mm jack output and can be conveniently controlled via a small controller placed on the wire, equipped with three buttons. Finally, there is a handy microphone to better manage calls.

4. Features

A microphone has been integrated into the headphones along with a three-button control system. The headphones have a 90 ° plug design, which the company claims will protect the wire and extend the life of the headset. the headphones have passed the Hi-Res Audio certification of the Japan Audio Association asserting that they can produce a high listening experience. In terms of color options, the users have a choice of two colors which are black and white.

Where To Shop

Xiaomi Dual Unit Half-Ear Headphone is characterized by operation in the frequency range from 20 Hz to 40 kHz and resistance of 32 Ohm. The design adapts very easily to different types of ear and ensures a very comfortable user experience. Xiaomi Dual Unit Half-Ear Headphone is avaialble on IBuyGou Just at $15.99 using Coupon Code: ERP0409C.


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