Xiaomi Ecological Chain CUKTECH No. 2 Super Power Column Presale at 599 yuan,$85


CUKTECH, Xiaomi’s eco-chain brand, recently released a new product — No. 2 Super power column.

At present, this product has been pre-sold, the pre-sale price is 699 yuan, superimposed multiple preferential subsidies, the hand price will be lower than 599 yuan, $85.

It should be noted that many people are not familiar with this brand. CUKTECH is actually Xiaomi ecological chain brand, and has been joined by the core team of ZMI Purple Rice, which has released a number of new products.

The No. 2 Super power column has a cylindrical design in appearance, and the volume is similar to that of a 330ml modern can of Coke. The front of the super power column is equipped with a 1.54-inch color screen, which can display electricity, charging and discharging power, etc., which is very professional and can even be used as a test tool.

5 built-in 21700 power batteries, total capacity 25000mAh, about 90Wh, can be carried directly on the plane without declaration.

Overall, that’s about four charges for the iPhone 14, 3.9 for the Mi 13, and about three for the Switch.

Single-port output up to 140W, compatible with PD3.1 protocol, MacBook Pro can be fully charged, dual Type-C+USB-A configuration, can support the output of three devices at the same time, the maximum output power up to 210W.

The Mi 13 Pro can be fully charged in 19 minutes on a 120W fast charge.


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