Xiaomi Engineering Excavator Released: Shape Cool, Simulation Model, 199 Yuan ($28.35)


The Xiaomi Engineering Excavator was on sale. The excavator has a cool appearance, is designed with a simulated model, and has various functions of the excavator; it can handle a variety of complex terrains with crawler type travel; it is equipped with high-precision parts, which can bring a comfortable insert feeling, price 199 yuan. 

Specifically, the excavator is made up of more than 900 pieces of wood. The length and width of the car are 44 x 15×15.5cm. It has the shape of a real car, which perfectly combines technology and art. Feel the charm of the mechanical structure. In addition to its cool appearance, it is like a real car. In terms of function, the excavator also uses a movable bucket body to easily move small objects. It also uses a hydraulic-like device and a simulation console device, and the robot arm can be lifted freely.

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In other respects, the Xiaomi Engineering Excavator also adopts the crawler type of travel, which can span general obstacles. The track is made of lightweight and high-strength materials. With unique anti-slip ribs, it can improve the strength and grip of the track shoes. Respond to a variety of complex terrain. In addition, the pieces of the excavator are carefully polished by dozens of processes, in line with the national CCC certification requirements, non-toxic and tasteless, which can bring a comfortable insert feeling.

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