Xiaomi Fimi Palm Review – 3-Axis 4K HD Handheld Gimbal For Just $144.99 at Gearbest


Another mechanically stabilized AIO camera has arrived on the market: we are talking about Xiaomi Fimi Palm, a cheap Xiaomi device that is the best low-cost alternative to Osmo Pocket. Let’s find out all its technical features and the price at which it is marketed. Also, Visit on Gearbest Black Friday Sale

Buy Xiaomi Fimi Palm Gimbal from Gearbest


In the beginning, it was Dji Osmo Pocket who held the hegemony on the market of mechanically stabilized cameras, but the arrival of Fimi Palm shuffled the cards. Weight and dimensions are very similar to the device of the Chinese giant: 30.5 x 22.7 x 127.0mm x 120gr of weight. And even the use is very convenient, just like with Osmo Pocket. Obviously the strength of Fimi Palm is the integrated Gimbal: in fact, it is a mechanical system with 3 motors that have the task of instantly stabilizing the camera head. In this way, the camera can be moved at will, but the target will always be fixed on the horizon: jolts and involuntary movements will be depreciated and canceled by the action of Gimbal.


Fimi Palm is equipped with a 12MP Sony sensor capable of recording 4K UHD video at 100Mbps with a 128 ° FOV, has a 360 ° connectivity via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and with the smartphone it is possible to manage all its operations and watch the videos of the shootings in live streaming. Also, present many functions within Fimi Palm: smart tracking, story mode, FPV mode, follow mode, pitch lock mode, full lock mode, timelapse and hyperlapse. So stabilization is just the tip of the iceberg. The display is touch, larger than that supplied with the Osmo Pocket, and allows device control even without a smartphone. There are also two microphones and a very large 1000 mAh battery (240 minutes of use). It is recharged via Type-C port.


This is the FIMI PALM! Held easily in your hand, it turns on in only 3 seconds. The built-in touchscreen and the 5-way joystick allow you to flexibly control the gimbal as well as the integrated camera. You will not need extra tools to film like a pro. Right now we can grab it from Gearbest at $149.99 and if you Deposite $10, you will get it at $144.99 in Black Friday Sale

Buy Xiaomi Fimi Palm Gimbal from Gearbest


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