Xiaomi FLEX Foldable Smartphone First Unveiled


Foldable smartphones are the tendency in the near future, although right now it has not been confirmed, there is more and more needs about it. Samsung will release its first foldable smartphone this year due to relative ripe technology. And Apple has also applied for large number of foldable smartphone patents, so other brands will catch up with their steps. As for Chinese brands, right now they have not made any move, but recently there is a set of concept renderings of Xiaomi FLEX foldable smartphone first unveiled, which have very amazing design and high users value, but we have no idea if it can be mass produced like Xiaomi MI MIX?

Xiaomi FLEX uses foldable design, which has screen on the front and back, very thin design, but when it is folded, it looks much thicker than other current smartphones.

All of buttons have been put on the frame, which will not occupy the screen space.

It can be put in many angles.

After folding it, it becomes a 7 inch tablet pc, due to dual curved screen, there is no frame on both sides, we almost see the screen, which is amazing that a smartphone can be changed into a tablet pc.

If Xiaomi really releases this Xiaomi FLEX concept smartphone, we believe more and more users will spend much money buying it.


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