Xiaomi Flexible Screen Patent Unveiled


After Xiaomi MI MIX got good popularity with full screen, next black technology of Xiaomi smartphone will focus on flexible screen, they have chosen the full screen design at the first step. Currently, according to national Intellectual property announcing the invention patents application, Xiaomi has started the patent layout about full display, if the patent application succeed, in the near future, we can see screens on the front, back, and dual sides.

The patents of Xiaomi has shown the future mobile device flexible design solution in details, to be simple, add two dual curved screens outside the smartphone frame. According to this technology solution, it can achieve the full screen to show the larger displaying area to make the users get the new experience.

According to different screen, Xiaomi is possible to use uni-flexible screen or two flexible screen connection solution to release full screen smartphone, the main difference between them is that uni-flexible screen will have one seam on the side. But the two screen connection solution will have two seams on the both sides. So which way will Xiaomi use about the flexible screen needs to stay tuned.


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