Xiaomi Flipbuds Pro Officially Released at 799 yuan, $123


With more and more phones dropping the 3.5mm headphone jack, a good wireless earphone will be especially important, as well as a noise-canceling pair of headphones for rare quietness on your commute.

In the past two years, Xiaomi has also withdrawn from many wireless headset products, but it has been a great pity for users that it has not launched a real high-end flagship product. But today, this regret has finally been made up.

This morning, Xiaomi’s smart life Weibo officially released its annual flagship — Xiaomi Flipbuds Pro, priced at 799 yuan, it will officially open for pre-sale at 10 o ‘clock on May 14, and it will be available for all-channel sale on May 21.

According to the introduction, Flipbuds Pro supports 40D active noise reduction, which is the top specification of noise reduction wireless headphones, which can effectively reduce the noise in the environment and bring a cleaner sound quality enjoyment.

In terms of sound quality, Xiaomi Flipbuds Pro adopts 11mm super linear moving coil and composite diaphragm design, and supports Qualcomm APTX Bluetooth connection, which can bring lower delay effect and better sound quality experience.

Meanwhile, according to the screenshots previously revealed by Changcheng, the noise reduction mode of Flipbuds Pro has three options, including high, middle and low levels, which are respectively suitable for office, daily and travel scenes, so that you can find the effect you want at any time. It also supports the highly praised transparent mode on AirPods Pro. Avoid complete isolation from the surrounding environment.

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In addition, the Flipbuds Pro also supports dual-device smart connection, which can be easily paired with a phone or laptop and switched at will, making the user experience more intelligent, the official said.


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