Xiaomi Flipbuds Pro will Support Transparent Mode, APTX


Xiaomi has announced that it will launch its new high-end flagship noise-cancelling headphones, the Xiaomi Flipbuds Pro, on May 13.

This morning, @Changcheng, vice president of Xiaomi Group, posted some screenshots on his Weibo account, which revealed several important “small functions” of the Flipbuds Pro from the headphone connection page.

First of all, it can be seen from the main interface that Flipbuds Pro has three modes for noise reduction, with three levels of high, middle and low, which are respectively suitable for office, daily and travel scenes, so that you can find the effect you want at any time.

At the same time, Flipbuds Pro also adds the highly praised transparent mode on AirPods Pro, which can pick up voice information and other information through MIC, effectively solving the situation that people cannot hear others when using the in-ear headphones and avoiding complete isolation from the surrounding environment.

In addition, to solve the problem that wireless earphones are easy to lose, Flipbuds Pro has also specially developed a searching mode, which can control the sound of wireless earphones through mobile phones to facilitate searching.

In other news, the Flipbuds Pro uses a push-button operation similar to the AirPods Pro, which Huawei has used for high-end flagships in the past, to avoid the noise cancelling headphones from being amplified by tapping and causing hearing damage.

Notably, the Flipbuds Pro also supports Qualcomm’s APTX Bluetooth connection, which delivers lower latency and better sound quality.

Overall, Xiaomi Flipbuds Pro earphones have reached the top level in the industry in terms of design, function and configuration, which is a signal of Xiaomi’s official impact on high-end wireless earphones and is bound to bring excellent use experience. In addition to the principle of cost performance that Xiaomi has always adhers to, Flipbuds Pro will become a “really fragrant” earphone. Please look forward to it.


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