Xiaomi Foldable New Patent: Mix Alpha Second Generation?


After Samsung and Huawei launched folding mobile phones one after another, Xiaomi was also developing a foldable mobile phone product on Weibo and adopted a three-section folding design. Xiaomi then introduced the MIX Alpha with a flexible screen, but the phone did not make a foldable design, but instead circled the screen around the phone, so Xiaomi called it a “surround screen”.  On Tuesday, Xiaomi submitted a new patent in the State Intellectual Property Office. The patent description product uses a three-stage folding design, equipped with four cameras, and the screen is folded out. The product is highly similar to the previous leaked. The wavy line portion of the patent map represents the hinge structure of the folded portion of the phone, indicating the position of the camera, but does not indicate the position of the interface, slot, and button.

Although the patent map does not represent the final product, some netizens have created renderings based on the relevant descriptions. In the figure, the mobile phone is completely folded, and four cameras are in a relatively closed position, leaving a large display area for the left side of the back. Overall, the phone’s appearance after folding should be no different from the current millet MIX Alpha. When fully opened, it is more like a tablet.

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At present, although there are still many doubts about the foldable mobile phone, whether it is the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X, which is a mobile phone and tablet form switch, it is more convenient to carry the Motorola Razr folding screen mobile phone, folding screen mobile phone. It has gradually become a way for manufacturers to show their muscles, and it also brings more possibilities to the current mobile phone market. Xiaomi is expected to launch its own foldable mobile phone in the second quarter of next year, so what expectations do you have for this phone?

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