Xiaomi Folding Phone Concept: Dual Screen Folds Inward


Foreign media released a set of conceptual renderings of Xiaomi’s folding mobile phones. In this set of conceptual renderings, Xiaomi adopted a completely different way of folding mobile phones.

The design style of the Xiaomi folding phone is completely different from the design concept of Huawei MateX and Samsung Fold. It uses a similar design to the Motorola blade folding phone. The screen is folded inward and the body is folded up and down. The advantage of this design is that it can reduce the size of the body and be more portable, after all, the design concept is still very different from the flat-type folding phone.

The design style of Xiaomi’s folding mobile phone can be described as its own style. For example, after the body is opened, the size of the mobile phone has become more slender, and at the same time, two front cameras have been designed at the top of the screen. However, looking at this design, Xiaomi’s folding phone does not retain components such as face recognition modules. It seems that the folding phone ultimately relies on fingerprint recognition under the screen to unlock the bio-encryption operation.

In addition to the foldable Xiaomi phone, in order to quickly view the relevant information received, a small screen has been specially designed on the fuselage. Through this small screen, you can view the received information on the phone without opening it. Your phone can do this.

The rear camera designed on the body of the Xiaomi folding mobile phone is a dual-camera design and does not use a design like the multiple cameras of Huawei MateX. In fact, the design of the dual camera can currently meet the daily use needs, and the main selling point of Xiaomi’s folding mobile phone is the folding design, and in accordance with Xiaomi’s ultimate price-performance principle, in order to reduce the price, the rear camera of Xiaomi’s folding phone should It would be too far ahead.

Do you like the appearance design and hardware parameter design of the Xiaomi Folding Phone Concept map? If Xiaomi’s foldable phone really goes on sale according to the design in the concept rendering, will you support Bin and buy it?

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