Xiaomi Folding Screen Phone Will be Released: With High Performance


Digital blogger leaked the news today that the new Xiaomi folding screen phone will be released before the Xiaomi tablet. The screen size is larger, the performance is good, and it supports a high refresh rate and high pixel lens.

It is reported that the new Xiaomi folding screen will be released before the Xiaomi tablet, with high performance and high resolution.

@Ross Young, the founder and chief analyst of DSCC, said that Samsung will release at least three models of folding-screen phones next year, while OPPO, Vivo and Xiaomi will launch four models, and Google will also Launch a model.

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According to previous reports, Xiaomi and Huawei folding-screen phones will adopt a design structure similar to the internal folding main screen + external secondary screen of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The screen refresh rate is 90Hz (engineering machine), but it can be 120Hz and adopts Samsung’s latest UTG flexible glass technology. Among them, the new Xiaomi Folding Screen Phone, code-named Cetus, has a 108MP camera, and it seems to run MIUI12 based on Android 11.


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