Xiaomi Giant Power Saving Pro 1.5HP Air Conditioner on Sale


Xiaomi launched a new level of energy efficiency Xiaomi Giant Power Saving Pro Air Conditioner, priced at 2599 yuan, and the hand price is 2199 yuan.

According to reports, under the same conditions, the new air conditioner can save about 91 kWh of electricity and 45.5 yuan a year compared to the original first-class energy-efficient wall-mounted air conditioner.

The built-in fully enclosed rotary inverter compressor adopts a permanent magnet rare earth material rotor, which can run smoothly, have a long life, and reduce power consumption.

At the same time, the Xiaomi Giant Power Saving Pro air conditioner has a circulating air volume of 660 cubic meters per hour and delivers air at a preset temperature to the whole house in time to achieve rapid heating and cooling. The applicable area is 16-20 square meters.

With the temperature and humidity dual control function innovatively developed by Xiaomi, the cooling adopts 0.5 ℃ fine temperature adjustment, with 45%-65% humidity range control, making the temperature and humidity changes more comfortable.

In addition, this Xiaomi Giant Power Saving Pro air conditioner has an automatic cleaning function, is equipped with hydrophilic aluminum foil fins, which can automatically clean up dirt, and has an antibacterial and anti-mildew filter. When the filter is blocked, the user can be notified through a mobile phone notification.

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In terms of control, the Xiaomi giant power-saving 1.5 hp air conditioner supports the Mijia intelligent ecology, and users can control the air conditioner through the Mijia App and Xiaoai voice, which is very convenient.

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