Xiaomi has a Shelf-Cleaning Dehumidifier: Removes Formaldehyde


On March 9th, Xiaomi had a U-definition dehumidifier U20 on the shelves, priced at 2,499 yuan ($371.79), the new listing of the coupon to the hand price of 2,299 yuan ($342.03). This product is a third-party product with goods, shipped by Ningbo Deye Daily Electric Technology Co., Ltd. and provided after-sales, support 7 days no reason to return.

Built-in precision humidity sensor automatically detects the humidity of the entire room. When the set humidity is reached, the compressor is automatically turned off, and the fan is fixed at a low speed and the wind is turned off after 3 minutes (protection of the machine). The temperature and humidity sensor performs a comprehensive humidity monitoring every 17 minutes. Once the humidity is detected, it will turn on again.

The 21-liter dehumidification capacity can meet the needs of a house of about 120 square feet. When dehumidifying, close the doors and windows, place the dehumidifier in a damp corner and keep a certain distance from the wall. After the dehumidification of one house is completed, the dehumidifier can be pushed to another house to continue dehumidification. Mobile dehumidification, dehumidification is more thorough.

With a dual-rotor Panasonic compressor, the energy consumption is reduced by 12.5% ?? and the energy efficiency is increased by 6% compared to the single-lower compressor. While improving the dehumidification efficiency, the use area of ?? the dehumidifier is also expanded. Before the upgrade, it is only applicable to the single room area of ?? about 20 square meters; after the upgrade, it can be applied to the single room area of ?? about 40 square meters.

The filter has a folded mountain shape that minimizes wind resistance and allows air to circulate quickly. High-quality columnar activated carbon has the characteristics of the large surface area, developed pore structure, strong adsorption capacity, uniform particle distribution, and high wear resistance. According to statistics, U20 can complete 213 cubic meters of particulate matter filtration and 135 cubic meters of formaldehyde filtration per hour.

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The bottom of the U-definition dehumidifier is equipped with a hidden universal wheel, which makes the machine look simpler and more beautiful while facilitating the movement. The one-key child lock function can effectively prevent children from accidentally touching, so as to avoid unnecessary damage to children.

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