Xiaomi Has Rice Small Cooking Robot Crowdfunding: 849 yuan ($126.45)


On March 14th, the Mi Rice Mi Cooker robot started the crowdfunding in Xiaomi, and the crowdfunding price was 849 yuan.

The Rice cooker robot is known as the “true intelligent cooking robot”. Just pick up the app and give a command, it is a good meal. No matter when you get up or go home from work, you can pre-set and cook at the same time. At the same time, you can link with many smart devices of Mijia App to create a linkage scene such as getting up and going home.

It has 8 kinds of rice varieties and 8 kinds of taste setting options so that you can match different varieties of Rice with different amounts of water, thus steaming rice with different tastes.

Not only that, but Rice small two cooking robots can also cook noodles, soup, stew, leeks, and other chef dishes, just open the app, follow the prompts to put ingredients to let you taste the chef craft.

Moreover, the Rice cooker robot does not stick to the pan, and the pan is effortless. According to the official introduction, the liner uses a special coating material to make the surface structure smoother and more separated from the ingredients. Clean, neat, easy to wash the pot without worry.

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What’s more, the Rice cooker robot is only equivalent to the back side of the traditional rice cooker and a rice box similar to the width of the mobile phone. It is easy and uncompromising.

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