Xiaomi Has Shelves ULTRATIME ZERO quartz watch: Single Pointer Design


On March 11th, Xiaomi has a ULTRATIME ZERO quartz watch, single-pointer design, natural marble dial, each unique, priced at 1080 yuan ($160.60).

The ULTRATIME ZERO quartz watch is a third-party product of the product, which is delivered by Beijing Taihuo Red Bird Technology Co., Ltd. and is available for sale.

The design of the ULTRATIME ZERO quartz watch is inspired by human’s first time-recording tool, “The Sundial ”, which uses a point to interpret the time and uses a pointer to combine the scales on the dial to subtly present the time.

The dial has a diameter of 42 mm and a height of 9 mm. The true marbles used on the dials are imported from different parts of the world. Each piece has different lines, which show the beauty of different planets in space and exquisitely and elegantly. It is a unique existence in the world. Won the 2017 China Good Design Award.

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Europe and the United States imported metal standard medical grade steel body, with a tailor-made leather strap, strong and elegant. The ULTRATIME ZERO quartz watch is made of synthetic sapphire glass with a hardness of 9 grades. The MIYOTA 2039 quartz movement is accurate and stable and is in line with European quartz watches of the same class.

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