Xiaomi Headphone 3 Pro Real Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphone Released at 699 yuan, $109


This afternoon, Xiaomi held “a naturally good-looking technology conference”, officially released its first space audio headset — Xiaomi headset 3 Pro True wireless noise reduction, priced at 699 yuan, $109.

In terms of ID design, Xiaomi Real wireless noise reduction earphone 3 Pro adopts streamlined body shape and provides three matching colors of obsidian black, streamer white and aurora green, among which aurora green adopts deep dark green to make it more prominent in texture. Overall, the earphone is made of jade, which is very delicate and elegant.

In order to provide users with a more comfortable wearing experience and reduce the sense of pressure on headphones, Xiaomi Real Wireless noise cancelling Earphone 3 Pro is 17% lighter in weight and 11% smaller in volume, making it more convenient to carry out.

In addition, mi Real wireless noise reduction earphone 3 Pro front and back cavity connection design, can adjust the inner and outer air pressure to ensure the balance of ear pressure.

It is worth mentioning that this headset is also xiaomi’s first self-adaptive noise reduction headset, which can judge environmental noise in real time and automatically adapt to the best mode. It supports a maximum noise reduction depth of 40dB, and has passed the official certification of China Metroiang Institute.

According to introduction, the earphone built-in professional noise reduction three adaptive, including deep noise reduction, balanced noise reduction, mild noise reduction, but also can switch double transparent mode, covering the environment sound mode, voice enhancement mode.

In order to let music lovers enjoy the experience of the ultimate auditory feast, earphones also the world’s first audio transmission standard LHDC 4.0, to achieve HiFi level sound quality.

In addition, Xiaomi true wireless noise reduction earphone 3 Pro also supports space audio 360° sound field, so that the sound as if exists with any direction of space, place yourself in it, bring the sense of immersion like cinema.

At the same time, the six-axis gyroscope and accelerometer in the headset recognize and track the movement of the headset so that the sound field remains fixed even when the head is turned.

It’s worth noting that the Xiaomi Real Wireless Noise-cancelling Headset 3 Pro is also the first headset to support Android Space audio. ​

In addition, the headset also adopts diamond-like double magnetic unit, built-in high-hardness DLC special diaphragm, and Japanese big black CCAW coil, which reduces the weight by 70% compared with pure copper coil. It can capture every tiny vibration and restore every tiny sound detail.

On the battery life, xiaomi real wireless noise reduction earphone 3 Pro earphone off noise reduction single time can last 6 hours, with charging box can last up to 27 hours, support wireless charging, headset into the charging box, only 40 minutes can be full blood.

Other aspects, it supports IP55 waterproof and sweat resistant, dual equipment intelligent fast connection, MIUI open the cover of the pop-up window is connected.

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Xiaomi Headphone 3 Pro has been opened for booking at 15:00 today, and will be sold through all channels at 10:00 am on October 9.


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