Xiaomi HIMO C20 Review: Foldable Electric Moped Bicycle For Just $719.99 at Geekbuying with Duty-Free Shipping (+Coupon)


Xiaomi launched HIMO C20, it’s a brand new electric bike, a model displayed at a very attractive price. Despite its entry-level price, the new HIMO C20 promises to offer features and autonomy worthy of the greatest.

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Coupon Code: JDGHMC2


The Xiaomi Himo C20 e-bike comes in an aluminum alloy frame which helps keep the weight low at 21.1 kg. The seat and the handlebars are adjustable to accommodate both adult and teenage riders. The Himo C20 has LED headlights and taillights for safety. The e-bike rides on 20-inch inflatable rubber tires. The seat also conceals an air pump inside it and we think it is a very useful feature. The Himo C20 comes in two color options, 1. White with black decals and 2. Grey with white decals.


All the three modes Pedal mode, Moped mode, Pure electric mode are pretty much self-explanatory and are controlled via a water-resistant digital data display, which shows information like speed, distance, selected mode and battery charge level. The Xiaomi Himo C20 e-bike is powered by a 36V 18650 Lithium-Ion battery with a capacity of 10 Ah connected to a DC brushless type motor with 250 watts of power and a rated Speed of 380 RPM. The hub motor can propel the bike to 40 kmph with pedal assist and a range of 80 km with pedal assist on a single charge and a charging time of 6 hours. The e-bike is also equipped with Shimano shifters for easy climbing. The battery comes with an overcurrent protection, overcharge protection, short circuit protection, high-temperature power-off and more. The brakes on the Himo C20 are mechanical type disc brakes on both wheels.


Coupon Code: JDGHMC2

Also interesting is the fact that its LED lights (rear and front) are included and work through the bicycle battery. In other words, do not worry about batteries. As for its LED display, shows us the basic functions as a battery, distance, and speed. You can buy Xiaomi Himo C20 e-bike from Geekbuying for Just $719.99 with Duty-free shipping by using Coupon Code: JDGHMC2


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