Xiaomi HIMO Z14 Review – Folding Electric Bicycle For Just $757.99 at Geekbuying (Coupon)


Xiaomi is one of the most active electric bicycle manufacturers in the world. It has several subsidiaries to design smart electric vehicles at reasonable prices, but it is produced for global customers. Xiaomi HIMO Z14 is the next electric bike with small wheels From Xiaomi, It is equipped with a powerful brushless DC motor with a power of 350 W, so control even on uneven surfaces will be simple and convenient. 85% energy conversion, extended battery life.

Buy Xiaomi HIMO Z14 Electric Bicycle at Geekbuying


If I had to find something positive in the HIMO Z14, I like the classic design in the white and brown version, that’s nice. The dimensions of the bicycle are 1320 mm x 550 mm x 1090 mm and its weight is 25.3 kg. The Xiaomi HIMO Z14 has high technology, design, and build quality that is much more attractive than electric bikes in general. Xiaomi HIMO Z14 uses an aluminum alloy frame. This makes the bike body lighter but still sturdy and provides high stability when you drive.

What is interesting about this bike is its versatility so it can be folded into the trunk of a car or when you take public transportation. This bike keeps you from the fitness benefits of cycling. With the concept of hybrid, electric technology makes you less tired and lighter when moving bikes while bikes keep going at up to 25 KM per hour. What is interesting about this bike is its versatility so it can be folded into the trunk of a car or when you take public transportation.

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Compared to the usual electric motors, the Xiaomi HIMO Z14 boasts a 350W motor. This 350W Brushless motor engine will provide extra power when you roll a bike. What about use, this bike runs out of battery? No need to worry. Xiaomi HIMO Z14 comes with 1 pack of the best quality lithium batteries. The battery can supply up to 80 km of power with just one charger.

No more screens in this HIMOseries electric bike stall. But the good news is that this bike can connect to your smartphone and that your smartphone screen can be used as a hood display. The screen shows bike speed, time, battery life, and more. There is a bracket clamp now that makes it easy to hang your phone. Even more interesting is the LED bar that features the battery capacity of the bike. The Xiaomi HIMO Z14 comes with two disc brakes on the front and rear wheels that are certainly safer than using one.

Of course, the heaviest is the battery, it is under the saddle and has a capacity of 18 650 mAh. The battery powers the 350W brushless motor. Two versions are available: 1.2 kWh with a range of 80 km in eco mode or 60 km in normal mode, 1.5 kWh with a range of 95 km in eco mode, or 75 km in normal mode.


The Xiaomi HIMO Z14 electric bike folds in three places in just 10 seconds. You can easily fit it in an elevator or trunk and take it to the office. These bikes are more sophisticated with the presence of headlights like motorcycles. Bicycling at night doesn’t have to worry anymore. Right now we can buy it from Geekbuying at $757.99 by using Coupon Code: NNN8THPAULO38 in Flash Sale.

Buy Xiaomi HIMO Z14 Electric Bicycle at Geekbuying


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