Xiaomi HIMO Z20 Review – Foldable electric Bicycle at $799.99 From Gearbest (Pre-Sale)


Xiaomi HIMO Z20 is the latest generation of the previous variants which has technology, design and build quality that is far more interesting. This bike keeps you from getting the fitness benefits of cycling. The HIMO Z20 electric bicycle is designed to attract a wide variety of customers since it fits the profile of many users. The bike features a dual-mode system that includes Cool Mode and Dynamic Mode for casual riding and more intense or sport-focused riding, respectively. This will enable riders to save power when it isn’t needed to be used later on or to extend the range of the bike and eliminate the need for constant recharging.

GearbestBuy Xiaomi HIMO Z20 at Gearbest


Thanks to an aluminum frame and 20-inch wheels, its final weight is just 21.6 kg. Somewhat less than the average for similar electric bikes available in the market. The three-step folding system allows it to be transported with relative ease. Just unlatch the Z20’s easy lock system on the frame and handlebar stem, and you’re ready to go! It can easily be stored in a car trunk, taken in elevators, offices, etc. Xiaomi HIMO Z20 adopts an innovative built-in battery box design, which is closely connected with the vehicle body.

The lightweight aluminum alloy frame and waterproof inner wiring design bring simple and elegant visual effects. The handlebars, middle folds, and pedals of the whole vehicle can be folded at three places, and it only takes about 10 seconds to stretch freely. The folded whole car can be easily put into the trunk, entered into elevators and offices, and stored at will.

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HIMO Z20 has a front and rear double disc brake system that has sensitive operation hand feeling and easy control of braking force. At the same time, CST patented tires with high wear resistance. And the super grip is selected to effectively reduce friction and prevent sideslip. The engraved deep water patterns can improve the operation ability of the road surface on rainy days and ensure smooth driving and safe braking. The 6-speed Shimano speed change system is simple to operate and easy to use. The riding speed is changed by adjusting the size of the front and rear tooth discs to ensure more convenient speed changes.

The portable pump is cleverly hidden in the saddle tube and can be used as you take it. At the same time, it is equipped with two versions of mud version, which can switch between sports and commuting at any time, showing the aesthetic feeling of modeling. The 18650 power lithium battery equipped with HIMO Z20 electric bicycle weighs only about 2.5 kg. Girls can lift it with one hand. The battery is hidden in the main girder of the frame. The detachable pull-out design solves the problem of inconvenient charging. After all, not all complete vehicles can be easily moved upstairs. At the same time, the hidden design can also solve the problem of theft prevention and is safe and reliable. The battery capacity is 10Ah, which can provide up to 80km of the electric power range. Urban commuters can basically charge once a week.


Xiaomi HIMO Z20 is optimally designed for both electric and manual cycling and everything in between. Moreover, It is Equipped with a casual riding Cool Mode and a quick & sporty Dynamic Mode. We can buy it from Gearbest at $869.99 by using Coupon Code: N4F69B4CFE5EB001 in Flash Sale.

GearbestBuy Xiaomi HIMO Z20 at Gearbest


Update on Sept.12, 2020
Himo Z20 Fold Electric Bicycle 36V Lithium Battery 250w High Speed Motor Urban Folding Electric Power-assisted EBIKE Xiaomi Ecosystem Product
coupon code: J5413CCC061EB001
coupon price: $839.99
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