Xiaomi Huohou Automatic Wine Bottle Electric Opener Design, Features, Application Review


Xiaomi day by day keeps expanding its horizon. Weeks ago the Xiaomi Huohou Automatic Wine Bottle Electric Opener was launched and as the name implies, it’s a device that helps to easily open wines by just pressing a single button without stress or itch. Now, without wasting much of your time, lets quickly see what the device is made off and see other reason why you should buy it.


The Wine Bottle Electric Opener comes with a classic all black color, weighing just 365grams, which makes it lightweight and very comfortable to carry anywhere you go to or to an occasion. To complement its light weight, it sports a very compact design so as to ease carrying the device with a dimension of 22 cm long, 4.8 cm wide and 4.8 cm high. The opener is made from an aviation grade rare earth permanent magnetic motor, with high precision dedicated gears, bronze alloy bearing and also powerful core high-speed operation to achieve high speed in opening the bottle. With this combo, you can open any wine, or bottle in less than 6 seconds with stress or energy.


The device features a one-button control system. It makes full use of a mechanical principle of automatic design, just place the opener vertically and press the open button and zoom, the wine is easily opened. Another good feature of the wine opener is its 550mAh lithium battery that can be used repeatedly to open about 70 bottles in a row without any single failure. It embedded with USB interface which can be used universally with mobile phone charger or through battery charging to charge the device.


We would briefly throw lights on how to use the electric opener. First of all, you have to cut the seal tin foil paper with a paper feeder or any other means. Then vertically align the opener on the bottle stopper and press the open bottle, the red light in the body of the device would be on in 6 seconds, and the stopper would be automatically pulled out. And finally, press the stopper exit button. the cork would exist bottle opener automatically.

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The Xiaomi Huohou Automatic Wine Bottle Electric Opener is an easy, energy free and fast means of opening any form of wine. It can be used for various occasions and places such as home, hotel, party, wedding and so on. The opener is currently available on Banggood for just $27.77, only valid for 6 pcs.


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