Xiaomi IMILAB N1 CMSXJ25A Review – PTZ Outdoor WiFi IP Camera For Just $60.99 at TOMTOP


If you are looking for camera surveillance to households in terms of outdoor, the Xiaomi IMILAB N1 CMSXJ25A PTZ Outdoor WiFi IP Camera will be the choice most reasonable by the ability to operate a stable, quality spin well and reasonable price.

Xiaomi IMILAB N1 CMSXJ25A Design

The housing of the IMILAB PTZ N1 CMSXJ25A surveillance camera is design with an IP66 dust-proof and water-proof structure. Which effectively prevents dust from penetrating and against powerful water jets. So the camera can work normally in extreme weather such as heavy rain, wind, snow, hot sun, sand and dust, IMILAB PTZ N1 CMSXJ25A IP Camera has a wide-angle of 110 ° and the ability to rotate 270 degrees for a wider view than other types of cameras on the market. Users can use the application on the phone to remotely control the camera horizontally or choose to rotate sequentially in automatic recording mode. Besides, the anti-vibration design ensures that the device always operates smoothly and stably.

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Xiaomi IMILAB N1 CMSXJ25A Features

Video recording of IMILAB PTZ N1 CMSXJ25A IP Camera is carried out in high resolution – 1080P. Also, Insufficient lighting or even its absence will not lead to a deterioration in the quality of shooting. Also, the developers improved the speaker in this device. That is why the alarm has become even louder. You can control the camera through a smart application on your smartphone. Where you can configure all the important parameters, including the angle of the device.

The Xiaomi IMILAB N1 CMSXJ25A smart camera housing has a solid construction. And IP66 protection allows the camera to work efficiently even in heavy rain. For shooting at night, the IP camera has 10 IR sensors. Thanks to them, the camera is able to provide a high-quality picture within 15 meters. Of course, not without the use of smart technologies. The use of modern technology of artificial intelligence (AI) allows the IMILAB PTZ N1 CMSXJ25A IP Camera to quickly and easily recognize a person’s silhouette, which minimizes the likelihood of receiving a false alarm due to running animals, flying birds, or as a result of a sudden change in lighting.


Thanks to the rotating head, the visibility of the Xiaomi IMILAB N1 CMSXJ25A PTZ Outdoor WiFi IP Camera is increased to 270 degrees. In addition, the camera is reliably secure according to the IP66 protection, which allows it to use for both indoor and outdoor surveillance. We can buy it from TOMTOP at $60.99 in Flash Sale (Only 300 pcs limited now)

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