Xiaomi Is Crowdfunding Jeeback G2 Neck Massager Priced at 249 Yuan ($37)


Today, Xiaomi has put on sale in crowdfunding mode for Asian users a neck massager manufactured by the company Omega (Chongqing) Technology Co., Ltd in the price of 249 yuan ($37). The new massager called Jeeback G2 arrives to improve the pain suffered by sitting badly for hours while maintaining a bad position of our neck and spine.

The G2 cervical massager adopts the scarf design. The whole machine weighs only 190 grams. The outside area of ​​the fuselage is made of ivory white as the main color, with mirror-like silver metal for the interior parts of the contour.

The G2 cervical massager is equipped with 3 massage heads, and each massage head adopts a 360 ° floating system to easily adapt to different groups of people and maintain a good skin massage effect. Each head uses low-frequency TENS pulses, simulating the three principles of massage: kneading, scraping, and acupuncture. These have 15 levels of force selection.

Most people with cervical discomfort suffer from slow blood circulation, which makes the cervical spine cold, especially in winter. Therefore, the massager has a constant temperature function at 42 ° C. The massager has a rechargeable battery via USB Type C. This battery is 1400mAh that makes the cervical massager can work for 30 minutes a day for 8 days without going through the charger.

If the electrodes are not in contact with the skin, they will turn off automatically after 60 seconds of operation to ensure safe use and save energy. It has a mobile application and a command for the selection of the minutes of use, as well as the different types of massage and intensity.

The Crowdfunding price of Jeeback G2 Neck Massager is 249 yuan ($37). We hope to find it for sale from September 25 in the stores of Chinese resellers at a higher price than mentioned.

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