Xiaomi Laser Rhinitis Treatment Device is for Crowdfunding


Rhinitis namely the inflammation of nasal cavity disease, it is the inflammation of nasal mucosa caused by virus, bacterium, allergen, all sorts of physical and chemical factors and some systemic diseases.

Because there are fewer blood vessels in the nose and oral drugs do not improve circulation, it is harder to cure. At present, the main methods to alleviate rhinitis include oral medicine and some spray. Its effect is not only very slow but also very general, which can only stimulate vasoconstriction and dredge the nostril to relieve symptoms, but not a radical cure.

On Jan 5, Miyopin launched a portable laser therapy device for rhinitis, priced at 299 yuan, which can be used to treat rhinitis at home, at work and anywhere.

According to reports, the rhinitis laser therapeutic apparatus can achieve blood vessel dilation, accelerated bleeding, enhanced cell and enzyme power, and vigorous material metabolism by emitting a weak laser light of 650 nanometers to illuminate the nasal cavity. Thus enhance the ability of disease resistance, relieve nasal mucosal edema, reduce exudation, auxiliary treatment of rhinitis significant effect.

The light doctor portable rhinitis laser therapeutic instrument has been certified by the second class medical equipment, children, adults can use, 15 days a course of treatment.

The u-shaped curve of the nose clip is designed according to ergonomics. The round nose clip is more comfortable to wear and less likely to cause nasal scratches. The fixed design of hanging ears does not affect chatting, eating and walking during use, and is not easy to fall off.

It is equipped with 5 replaceable silicone nose caps, which can be replaced easily when used by many people to avoid cross infection.

At the same time, it is equipped with intelligent MCU control chip, which can precisely control the laser output intensity and timing accuracy, providing optional 3 gear intensity and 6 gear time.

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Battery life, built-in 1000mAh lithium battery, full power can be used for 11 hours, charging 1.5 hours can be full.


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