Xiaomi launches capsule Half In-Ear Earphone at 69yuan


Xiaomi is really the brand to release its latest products quickly. We have got the news that Xiaomi this time launched Xiaomi Half in-ear earphone at 69 yuan which aims at comfortability for two colors, white gold and black silver option. Right now it starts to sell in Xiaomi official store. According to the previous models of earphone, the latest earphone uses half in ear design which may attract others to experience.


The front sound cavity of  Xiaomi capsule earphone uses 45 degree half ear design to avoid the uncomforbility to put the earphone in your ear. The back sound cavity comes with surface material of baby pacifier grade silica gel and you can see it is half apparent in the design. Therefore, you can wear it comfortably for a long time.


The headset sports by innovative  spiral balance damping system,  micro-electro-mechanical microphone, comfortable holding feeling, and moderate feedback intensity. Xiaomi capsule headset’s cable material is covered by copper wire to wrap Kevlar fiber to let the cable more durable, and the surface material of the cable is made of TPE, which is quite flexible, not easy to wind.

Therefore, this Xiaomi capsule headset has human design for longer wearing and using. And the price is quite affordable. We will try one then show you.


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